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Samba Digital features in 5th International Sports Congress in Uruguay


Sports Summit and Consultora del Sur put on an outstanding event, and we were honoured to be a part of it. The Campeón del Siglo Stadium hosted around 400 participants from ten different countries as part of this conference. This conference agenda, which was produced by athletes and business leaders from around the world, was also on display in the stadium. Pedro Caffa, the Social Media Manager at Samba Digital, was one of the special guests.

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On November 24th and 25th, the Uruguayan Football Association, the National Sports Secretariat, and the Ministry of Tourism all officially supported the 5th International Sports Congress. Samba Digital was invited to be a part of this incredible event in Montevideo, a city that recently hosted three major continental championships in South America.

Samba Digital’s spokesperson

Pedro Caffa, our Social Media Manager, spoke on a panel about the “New Era of the Sports Fan Digitally”. This chat was together with Emmanuel Serruya from FC Diez Media and Argentine journalist Marcelo Gantman as a moderator. Pedro spoke about Samba Digital’s latest work and highlighted the activation with Ibai Llanos during Messi’s spectacular presentation at PSG.

Within this conference, we heard from noteworthy speakers including:

  • Ignacio Alonso, President of the Uruguayan Football Association
  • Reinaldo Carneiro Bastos
  • Rubens Lopes, President of the Paulista Football Federation
  • Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud, President of the State Football Federation of Rio de Janeiro
  • Sebastián Bauzá, FIFPRO Senior Legal Counsel
  • Emilio Garca Silvero, National Sports Secretary.
  • FIFA Chief Legal Officer Miguel Angel Loor
  • President of LigaPro Ecuador, Carlos Del Campo
  • Deputy Director to the LaLiga Spain Presidency, Diego Lugano
  • President of the National Association of Footballers.

We even saw Sebastián Abreu, DT, former Uruguayan soccer player and 2011 Americas Champion, Mariano Elizondo, former President of the Argentine SuperLiga, Graciela Garay, Conmebol Director of Ethics, Compliance, Ignacio Munyo, Executive Director of CERES, and Ignacio Ruglio, President of Club Atlético Pearol, among others.

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