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Roc Nation Sports develops a new esports division for athletes


Roc Nation Sports has announced a new partnership with Gaming Community Network (GCN), an esports media agency. The creation of a global gaming solution for athletes has emerged from this newly formed relationship. As part of this exciting multi-year agreement, the two partners will create bespoke athletic-centric activities. They’ll also host an esports tournament, develop gaming content, and webcast live events. The GCN Network, which includes over 85 gaming and esports-related websites, will be able to syndicate material as a result of this new partnership.

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GCN is a well-known division of GameSquare Esports, a global gaming and esports conglomerate. They want to be known for more, so they’re working on strategies for each athlete that is specific to their esports and gaming needs. The Roc Nation Sports agency will capitalize on its marketing and social media presence. This is in addition to GCN’s esports talents, which will help the Roc Nation Sports roster create new techniques. Not only that, but it will assist in the recruitment of new talent who will be able to connect with the fast-growing esports audience.

Athletes from around the world

Athletes from the NFL, NBA, and the English Premier League are among Jay-Roc Z’s Nation Sports’ clients. With the signing of Mosaad Al-Dossary in 2019, the company made its first move towards esports. Following his victory in the FIFA eWorld Cup, Mosaad was crowned 2018 esports Player of the Year.

In addition, in May, GCN sponsored the first major collegiate event, which brought together colleges and universities from ten different NCAA conferences. In this collaboration with Van Wagner, a full-service sports and entertainment organization, individuals fought to become title winners.

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GCN continues to grow GameSquare into an esports heavyweight with its partnership with Roc Nation Sports. Athletes are becoming more interested in esports gaming. Users will be able to engage with a broader audience while promoting their own enterprises through creative and multi-faced gaming projects.


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