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Reddit expands its content partnership with the NFL


The NFL hopes to keep its long-standing agreements; this time, the league has strengthened its content collaboration with popular social media platform Reddit, which has been in existence since 2019. This amended agreement will be in place for the entire 2021/22 season, and the countdown has begun as the season begins on September 9th.

Fans will have access to unique content and sessions from Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ as part of this new partnership. Amazing players and former football legends will be featuring in this well-known segment. Fans will also get access to well-known coaches and the option to connect directly with the NFL.

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Reaching to this community 

Due to a community of 2.1 million users, league communities on Reddit currently generate an incredible 303 million monthly views. In terms of communities, there are organizations dedicated to each of the 32 major franchises. These loyal communities have an impressive combined membership of almost 3.8 million people. In their third year of collaboration, the NFL and Reddit are teaming up to provide even more innovative options for fans and sponsors.

More sponsored tailored content will be available as a result of this digital strategy. Not only this but their brands will be aligning with the NFL and league fans that participate on the site. Of course, that’s not all; there will be a number of additional options for big moments and behind-the-scenes access both on and off the field. QR codes will also be available for fans to use to target Reddit research on NFL Network shows.

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The NFL is enthused about this agreement since it allows them to reach out to even more fans via Reddit. With a total of over 3.8 million members throughout 32 club communities, the league has the capacity to reach a previously untapped dedicated NFL community of 2.1 million people.

In over 40 dedicated communities, Reddit has been the cozy home of some of the most dedicated football fans. As a result, it’s no wonder that their deal with the NFL, as well as the unique content options it provides, has had such a big impact on their users. This continued collaboration is a way to reward committed NFL fans on the platform. But that’s not all; they also have a possibility for advertisers who want to associate their business with the iconic NFL trademark in the internet’s most engaging atmosphere.