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Online Betting Company Marketing Agency and Services

Online Betting Company Marketing Agency and Services

We at Samba Digital have three basic missions :

– Enhance engagement and visibility
– Provide monetization solutions
– Give unique experience

About us


Public Relations & reputation management for your sport betting agency

Every betting company, whether small or large, looks to their PR Agency to give them instant results, wide coverage, and clear messaging, all at a limited cost compared to traditional marketing. That is why the PR agency you choose for your betting company needs to be able to demonstrate value and bring about reliable results.

Online Sports Betting is growing online all around the world, especially in Latin-American countries such as Mexico and Chile. As a specialist PR agency for sports betting, we work with leagues, clubs, and most of the betting companies.

We have a professional team of website designers, project managers, digital marketing experts, and developers. We operate with a huge range of companies across a broad range of Sports related companies. We have consistently delivered successful PR campaigns in your sector. Our manifest method works well, and our PR professionals achieve the best possible results.

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Our clients

  • paris
  • man-city
  • World Rugby
  • Tottenham
  • TOP 14
  • Orlando Magic
  • Napoli
  • Monaco
  • Marseille
  • Lyon
  • Liverpool
  • Ligue 1
  • Juventus
  • Frankfurt
  • FIBA
  • FFF
  • F1
  • Bundesliga
  • Bayern-munich
  • ASO

How can we make your business even more successful?

Our PR agency for betting has operated across both casino and sports betting with current clients consisting of Soft 2bet, Betwinner, Vbet, LeoVegas, Betzold, and Betmotion.

We have a reliable and honest dedicated team of highly skilled sports marketeers, creative experts and digital developers. Creative development resource and design to assist in-house support teams.

We give high-quality and reliable design and marketing  support and the capability to work as a partner to your business. A solid perception of the gaming industry and sports betting and the trends and needs of consumers in this space.

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Why do sport betting agencies need a PR agency?

We as PR agency betting, our strength reclines in giving planned consultation support, pitch development, managing expert profiling, media outreach, promoting positive stories, and making sure of the greatest media coverage.

At Samba Digital, we support our customers to create their brand name by operating as co-partners to give great viable creative PR solutions. We have a team of PR professionals who have the knowledge and implement best practices in communication and PR.

We concentrate on meeting client objectives through communication strategies, research-based methodology, metrics as well as the best practices for enhancing brand visibility.

We, as a PR agency, covers a wide range of activities and tools:

  • Meetings
  • Activities
  • Event organization and event communication
  • Lobbying event communication
  • Event sponsoring or sponsorship
  • Patronage

We at Samba Digital analyze current trends and posting content that fits your project. By using PR as well as give them out all around the web to tell your story. We are relisting, technicians, dreamers, experts, and designers in all types of communication. We give refined communication techniques, useful voice, and strategic thinking according to your requirements. We give information that satisfies and attracts the interest of the audience.

To get in touch with all the media, press relations displays all the communication approaches used by organizations. Samba Digital, as a PR Agency betting, will do it to spread the history, values, and image of the company. Public relations enables to keep relations of trust with the media as well as all the stakeholders. Press relations are really important to convey a good and positive image of the company or brand that you are promoting.

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