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OneFootball secures its first national federation contract with Brazilian FA


The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) made history by agreeing to a global partnership agreement with OneFootball. As a result of this new deal, viewers will be able to watch original content about the national team. This soccer-focused platform, which claims to have over 85 million monthly visitors, will share all news content from the CBF’s official websites.

We should expect a lot of new content from Brazil’s men’s, women’s, and youth national teams. Score updates, press conferences, and videos have also been added to the site. But it doesn’t stop there. The CBF and OneFootball media teams will ensure that all users have direct access to this content through automatic alerts.

Football fans from around the world continue to love and follow Brazil’s national teams. It sends players to the best teams in the world, according to CBF communications director Douglas Lunardi.

The national tournaments of the Brazilian Football Association, such as the Brasileiro and the Copa Do Brasil, are attracting a growing amount of international viewers. This content will be distributed by OneFootball, which will help it appeal to a wider audience.

This is not the only one…

OneFootball has been busy recently, signing deals left, right, and centre. A strategy that came about as a result of the idea of building a brand-safe platform outside of social media. Last year they added Dugout’s diverse products and platforms to OneFootball’s digital offering.

And the day after initially publishing this they announced new shareholders in the German FA, Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham Hotspur, who have also entered into strategic content partnerships with the publisher.

They join Arsenal F.CFC BarcelonaFC Bayern MünchenChelsea Football ClubJuventus Football ClubLiverpool Football ClubManchester City Football ClubOlympique de MarseilleParis Saint-Germain & Real Madrid C.F. who all became shareholders in 2020.

One of their most valuable assets is the network of over 110 publishers, which helped the site attract over 85 million active users. The social media publisher’s club partners, including Arsenal and Juventus, also received a stake in OneFootball as a result of the merger. Since then, the site has generated over 80,000 archive videos and over 4,500 new videos each month.

OneFootball has signed a second contract in Brazil, following their purchase of rights to Bundesliga and Ligue 1. The agreement with the CBF is the first of its kind with a national federation; they’ve also signed similar deals with well-known clubs like Manchester City and Real Madrid to diversify their portfolio.


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