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November Trends that Scored Big for Samba

November Trends that Scored Big for Samba

With several cultural holidays throughout the month and the ever-changing social media trends, mastering the art of engagement is a constant challenge. November proved to be a month of triumph, with the below key trends resonating exceptionally well across platforms.


1. Dia De Los Muertos

As mentioned in our previous article on Dia de Los Muertos – a Mexican holiday rich in cultural significance- we saw great success amongst our clients with posts being well-received by fans. The strategy of recognizing the Mexican audience during this crucial holiday was very important for all parties involved, aligning with Samba’s observation that Mexican content consistently performs exceptionally well on social media.


2. NBA Courts Reimagined x Football

The fusion of NBA basketball and USA pop culture in the “NBA Courts Reimagined” series showcased our ability to tap into diverse interests. We were able to blend football and basketball, which led to us reaching a non-traditional and larger audience. The success of this trend influenced other accounts creating similar versions of their own courts.


3. Pop Culture Icons

Samba’s ability of merging pop culture icons with the world of Italian football proved triumphant once again. Green Day sporting an Inter shirt and Dua Lipa wearing a Palermo shirt showcased the influence of combining music figures with football, creating an unexpected yet dynamic connection for the audience.


4. Merging Sport and Lifestyle

The trend of blending lifestyle and sport performed exceptionally well for Lazio v Roma. This graphic featured Rome’s culinary secrets, a unique view of the city, and a respectful nod to Italian football and culture. This illustration became a social media sensation, captivating audiences with over 4,500 likes on Instagram.


5. International Break Commentary

During the international break, we capitalised on the clubs downtime and actively engaged with fans through insightful commentary on matches. We were able to keep the conversation alive by sharing updates, highlights, and commentary on these international fixtures. Here are two examples of some of the work we posted on X; Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham.

November was a month in which Samba was once again able to navigate the social media landscape for our clients with finesse, using cultural celebrations, sports and nostalgia to create content that not both engaged and resonated with their diverse audience.