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NBA’s release of immersive ‘DreamCourts’ project wows Chinese sports fans


Construction on one of the NBA’s first multipurpose experience centres will begin as the organisation extends its footprint in China. This new structure will provide themed dining alternatives, retail services, and interactive activities. The first phase of the project, the “NBA DreamCourts Preview Center,” will open in Suzhou in May 2022. According to the China squad of the professional basketball league, this will be the first of six centres throughout China.

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The ambitions of the NBA

Suzhou will benefit from the opening of an NBA experience centre by expanding its consumption options. The NBA’s ambitions to enter the Chinese market comes at a time when the league has faced criticism. This criticism all began due to controversial opinions expressed by its staff and players in previous years.

Due to a political statement by a team manager, China Central Television suspended all NBA broadcasts for the year 2019. More recently, Tencent, which controls the league’s online broadcasting rights, cancelled the Boston Celtics game from its streaming site due to a player’s social media criticism of the Chinese government.

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However, given its large fan base, the NBA’s commercial worth in China has not been severely harmed. Migu purchased the NBA’s internet portal television broadcasting, or IPTV, this year in order to reach a larger audience. According to Yahoo Finance, which cites league sources, China is one of the NBA’s fastest-growing markets, accounting for roughly 10% of total revenue.

The NBA’s high-tech booth takes up an amazing 800-square-meter space at the CIIE’s sports and outdoor leisure section. These booths will feature an interactive basketball court, holographs of NBA legends, and an area patterned after its changing rooms.