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Mediaset’s new subscription service set to broadcast UEFA Champions League in Italy


On their rebranded streaming platform, Mediaset has announced the launch of a brand new subscription bundle. Many fans will be delighted with this latest and enhanced subscription because they will be able to watch live coverage of the upcoming Uefa Champions League. The Mediaset Play streaming platform is no longer as they relaunch as Mediaset Play Infinity+, and like a phoenix from the ashes, they are scheduled to reveal this to us in April 2021.

Due to Facebook’s decision not to renew their Champions League contract, it was unclear who would broadcast these matches. This was until Mediaset jumped in, announcing a three-year contract for Italian streaming rights. The contract includes broadcasting 104 Champions League games per year at $53.5 million per season for the duration of their three-year contract, which expires in 2024.

Mediaset is not the only one…

Since restrictions prohibit Sky Italia from purchasing streaming rights exclusively until 2022, Mediaset was able to gain these rights. With Sky Italia as Mediaset’s main rival, the chance to gain a competitive edge was too good to give up. Streaming rights of the Champions League and Europa League cost Sky between $116 million to $128 million per season. They aren’t alone; Amazon has paid $93.8 million for top picks in the top European club competition for Wednesday games.

According to reports in Italy, Mediaset Play Infinity+ plans to stream 104 games, with 16 top-pick Tuesday games that will be aired on a Canale 5 network. Meanwhile, there are rumours that suggest Mediaset is introducing a ‘channels’ platform. Which acts as a third-party service encouraging fans to watch other subscriptions. With Amazon Prime and DAZN as attractive add-ons for Mediaset Play Infintiy+, this rebrand and new features could position Mediaset as an ideal platform in Italian soccer broadcasting. 

DAZN has also been busy with its new partnership with, AlphaTauri. They are now waiting to hear from Serie A about whether they have beaten Sky for Italy’s main broadcast bundle. DAZN also holds a strong position to gain exclusive access to the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Conference League. Sky is to thank for this, as they were forced to sell these rights after purchasing the main linear package.


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