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LaLiga’s digital watch parties give fans a truly exclusive experience


Sports fans are unable to watch sports in large numbers due to current restrictions. Fortunately, there is a solution for LaLiga fans. This Spanish league has created digital watch parties where fans from all over the world can tune in to watch the games. LaLiga has hosted big matches in almost every country in recent months thanks to this innovative platform, and it is now available to a global audience.

From the creation of these parties, LaLiga has had the chance to stream international watch parties in a variety of locations which have attracted thousands of fans. In the last year, several events have been cancelled due to COVID. However, this is no longer a problem for LaLiga as they have created digital VIP matchday experiences. One of the many benefits of these digital matchdays is the ability to bring fans, players, and sponsors together in the comfort of their own homes. These practices have also helped games like Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, as LaLiga legends will engage with fans, resulting in increased user interaction.

Rewards for both fans and sponsors

The purpose of these digital watch parties was to offer fans a sense of exclusivity when watching each live stream. This Spanish league’s goal was to create parties that were as close to the real thing as possible so that their fans wouldn’t miss out. Fans should expect a special appearance from a former player and a LaLiga host at each party e to ensure that each live stream is a great experience.

In addition to watching the live stream, users can connect with other fans and players during each match. Fans will participate in tournaments, polls, and quizzes during each match. LaLiga has had a lot of success in recent matches, with a 74.5% engagement rate. It was also discovered that per live stream, these devoted fans sent an average of 11 chat messages.

During stadium closures, this new channel will provide organisations with new ways to reach and engage with fans. These major brands will partner with LaLiga to provide their consumers with these new experiences through this platform. The party held for ElClásico last October is a perfect example of how brands can be successful through this platform. Within the ElClásico game, Verizon offered 20 of its customers the chance to watch the game online with former Real Madrid midfielder Steve McManaman.

Great Success for LaLiga

Due to the platform’s popularity and positive feedback, these digital parties will be able to proceed after restrictions are lifted. In February, SD Eibar went against SD Huesca in the first global-scale event, whilst Japanese fans watched with Diego Forlán. German and Brazilian fans can also join the parties from now on, as LaLiga plans to expand its reach in the coming months.

LaLiga has teamed up with LiveLike, a sports fan engagement platform for live entertainment. They’ve also collaborated with WMT to introduce their events to their fans. Together, the WMT and LiveLike features meet the current demand for fans to share and create content. LaLiga’s ability to collaborate with WMT was also critical in forming a group for this expanding global audience.

More than ever, LaLiga’s strong desire to build a community for fans, as well as their embrace of new technologies, is critical. This digital party structure is crucial during times of restrictions because it provides new ways to engage, attract, and sell to potential audiences.


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