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INTERVIEW: Camila Cunha, Key Account Manager at Samba Digital, talks case studies and the evolution of iGaming


With Samba’s recent success and huge accomplishments, it was a terrific opportunity to discover more about the people behind the logo and their broad customers. This is the fifth in a series of articles in which we interview a member of the Samba Digital team and showcase their unique perspectives. This series of articles will answer some of the most often asked questions regarding working with significant customers and their most compelling case studies.

To kick off the new year right, we’ll meet Camila Cunha, one of Samba Digital’s Key Account Managers.

What is your role at Samba?

I began my career at Samba about a year ago as a Media Buyer and quickly advanced to the position of Key Account Manager. My main mission now is to manage iGaming clients and some Sports-related projects, assisting clients in developing their activities in target markets, proposing new solutions/ideas, and always looking for new opportunities.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this work is the opportunity to witness almost the entire process (from campaign decision making to campaign implementation and outcomes), so we can understand how we, as a team representing Samba, can provide value to the clients.

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What is your vision?

My vision is to actively collaborate with our clients and prospective clients to achieve their internationalisation objectives through innovative activities and campaigns around the world. As Samba’s portfolio grows and we have the opportunity to work on incredibly intriguing projects, we become more motivated to perform more and better. So, in the end, exploring new business prospects also means continuing to produce wonderful projects with our partners, which is our passion.

At Samba, I see a hardworking team that wants to keep progressing, reaching new markets/audiences, and generating outstanding campaigns, thus becoming a part of this group is a wonderful way for me to develop as well.

What are your best case studies?

The most intriguing was the integrated initiatives, such as the Bundesliga campaign, which we oversaw in seven countries. We also created some very great campaigns for our iGaming clients, such as the TV campaign for Rivalo and Fogobet, as well as offline activations for LeoVegas in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. 


Our LeoVegas activation resulted from the growing popularity of online gaming and sports betting. The Samba team, which oversaw the campaign’s creation, was also in charge of recruiting ambassadors. With the assistance of the Samba Digital team, Léo Moura was appointed as the company’s newest ambassador in Brazil, with the goal of increasing engagement in the Brazilian market.

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Rivalo TV 

Another one of these initiatives was our TV spot and activation of the Cafu campaign with Rivalo. Within this Rivalo advertising campaign, Cafu, as the ambassador, depicts many milestones and obstacles from his career. These important moments were featured in a video set in a studio and in the neighbourhood where he grew up. This inventive film linked his situations to Rivalo’s message “Even after big challenges you need to believe in yourself. Rivalo, your best move”.

How do you see the evolution of the market?

In terms of the iGaming market, the most significant changes in Latin America occurred over the last 3-5 years, and we can see that things have become more dynamic and competitive year after year since then. I feel that, as with any other business, having a plan, a medium/long term approach, and a clear vision of what your brand can provide that is unique from others is critical to success.

In general, the sports and iGaming sectors move at a breakneck pace, so it’s critical to be curious, keep yourself and your team up to date, and take a proactive approach in order to be ready to meet the needs of your clients and become a reference as a brand.

How do you bring added value to your clients? 

I feel it is critical to have a customer mindset, to better understand how we can help our clients and give innovative solutions, and so on. When we are in charge of a project, we are aware that we are representing their brand in some way, therefore I believe that putting ourselves in their shoes is one aspect to consider and, once again, we should attempt to be as proactive as possible. Many times, the client is physically and culturally distant from the marketplaces in which we assist them, so we, as locals, must advise them on what works well and what does not.