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ICC teams up with Endeavor Streaming for new cricket OTT platform


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the launch of its own live-streaming platform. This is unsurprising given the ever-increasing number of streaming providers available. ICC.tv, the newly launched network, has been in the works for some time in order to answer the demand for a new streaming platform for this global governing body. This new service is free for new customers and is available on the web, iOS, and Android. Chromecast and Airplay users can use them as well. Endeavor Streaming, the OTT platform provider for sports entertainment companies, plays a vital part in this framework. They’ll be the engine that powers the new platform.

Learn more about upcoming streaming services, such as Univision’s global streaming service, which will launch in 2022.

During the recent World Test Championship final, this new platform was revealed. This final was broadcast on the platform in regions where the ICC does not have a broadcast partner at the moment.

In terms of this platform, it doesn’t stop with live content. They will also offer archive content as well as previously unreleased programming. The site is now airing spectacular highlights and exclusive interviews. Not only this but commentary from the great WTC final, in which New Zealand defeated India by eight wickets.

Unfortunately, there is currently little information available about this fascinating new venture. However, there is some good news to share. According to Peter Bellamy, senior vice president of Endeavor Streaming, the platform has the potential to significantly grow cricket’s international fan base. This isn’t Endeavor Streaming’s only piece of news this week. Glory, a kickboxing organization, has also picked Endeavour Streaming to construct a new OTT platform, so keep an eye out for more platform releases in the near future.


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