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Ibai and Momo crowned Streamers of the Year


In 2021, Samba Digital had the pleasure of collaborating with well-known streamers including Ibai and Momo. Their work with Samba Digital isn’t the only thing they have in common; Spanish streamer Ibai won Streamer of the Year 2021 twice, while Argentine Momo won once in December.

After the 2020 quarantine, streamers became the most popular content creators in the world and key players in the digital scene. In 2021, many of them took another step forward and confirmed that it is only the beginning. Ibai Llanos, from Spain, and Momo, from Argentina, are just two examples of this movement. 

After a string of major activations in 2021, Ibai has been crowned Streamer of the Year 2021 twice. Following a successful year in which Samba had the honour of collaborating with Ibai to produce fantastic activations including the first Messi Twitch interview on his presentation at PSG or the mystery box from Tottenham Hotspur, the Spanish streamer won the prize first time last November in the worldwide eSports Awards 2021. Ibai’s lucky streak continued last week when he won the Esland 2021, a competition hosted by another prominent Spanish streamer, The Grefg.

Image by Ibai Llanos

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Gerónimo “Momo” Benavides also had incredible success during 2021 being one of the most engaging content creators from Latin America. After a huge trip in Europe creating top-level content from the set and from the streets, stadiums and landmarks, the Argentine received the Streamer of the Year award for the first time during the popular Coscu Army Awards ceremony in Argentina last December, which was broadcasted by Coscu’s Twitch channel. With Momo, Samba has been able to organize several activities last year including the visit to AS Monaco for live streaming in the stadium. This is not all as Samba also had a role in great interviews and content with Napoli, a club that Momo holds very close to his heart.

Image by Momo

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