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How to Hire a Social Media Consultant for Sports Companies

How to Hire a Social Media Consultant for Sports Companies

Nowadays, sports teams and organizations are everywhere. The online world has made more robust and closer connections possible, with fans eager to interact and reply to posts and videos. But with the competition increasingly active, doing different things, exploring trends, and leveling up their game, it’s vital to go beyond. That’s the moment when an expert help can be helpful. But how to hire a social media consultant for sports? What are the key points to analyze before bringing an expert to your team? What are the pros and cons? Why should I hire a consultant for my social media channels? The answers to these questions are below. Follow us!


Set your expectations and goals

Before moving forward on how to hire a social media consultant for sports, you must list your expectations and goals. What is the primary objective, and what is the problem this expert needs to solve when they join your team? Is this something you can turn around together with your group, or did you reach a wall that only external support can help overcome? 

Put everything on the table and evaluate if it’s time to bring someone in. If the answer is “yes”, you can go ahead and start searching for a social media consultant. 


Build the consultant profile in advance

After deciding that you need an expert, you must define what is the profile you are looking for. There are different styles of social media consultants; some are more creative, others are more analytical, and there are professionals who bring a combination of both. Also, your defined objectives will also help complete the consultant profile. You may be looking for a paid ads expert, or the focus is to enhance your organic posts and content. 

Do not forget to list the main soft skills you are looking for in a social media consultant. Hard skills are essential to evolving your campaign and channels, but soft skills are also necessary, especially if the expert comes to work with others in your company.


Look for portfolios and experiences

In the process of how to hire a social media consultant for sports, it’s vital to analyze the candidates’ experiences. As a company, you are looking for the best professional to join your team; therefore, you must evaluate what they will bring to the table based on their past roles. The majority of available candidates should have a portfolio or a list of cases to present when you approach them to talk about an opportunity. Please take a closer look at their previous clients, key takeaways, results, metrics, and more to understand and evaluate the best candidate. If you prefer, list them all in a table to facilitate when the decision time comes.


Influencers can be helpful

Apart from the skills and the experience, there are a few things that can give a candidate bonus points to become your social media consultant. One of them is influencers. A great social media professional is well-connected in the market, and in sports, being surrounded by influencers can be decisive in a social media campaign. Influencer marketing is a reality and can be a powerful ally, so make sure you have a social media consultant for sports with the ability to recruit some of them to join your team!


Social Media tools access

Social Media tools are a vital component of every team and professional. They can provide takeaways, data, and insights that will be relevant and efficient to the campaign. Some companies already have access to those tools; however, if that’s not the case for you, some social media consultants also have tools in their packages. Give preference to those candidates and take advantage of what these tools can provide you and your campaign. The focus is to achieve your goals and objectives, and tools are your best friend here.


Adapt to your budget

After narrowing the list of candidates, it’s time to make a decision. Remember to evaluate their proposals and what they are going to bring to the table if they end up joining your team. Remember to compare it with your budget, see if it is a fit, and think about what else you could do to bring the best option to your team. Before closing the deal, do a final check, re-evaluate your list, and ask final questions to make sure you are selecting the best choice for your company.

The process of how to hire a social media consultant for sports can be long and tiring, but it will definitely be worth the investment. Get ready to reach your next level with the best professionals available in the market!