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How European Clubs helped to celebrate Peru Independence Day


Peruvian fans are amongst the most engaging fans on Social Media, and always ranks around 4th position in number of LatAm followers among the European Clubs social media channels just behind the likes of Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

In Peru there are an estimated 32.9m people living there, of which 24 million are active social media users. Giving a penetration of 73% as of January this year. And those numbers are increasing, with an increase of 1.1m (+4.8%) between April 2019 and January 2020 (statistics from Datareportal.com)

With Spanish-language social media accounts from European Clubs and Leagues growing in recent times, they are seeing a very engaging audience in Peru and recently decided to acknowledge this and create bespoke content for them.

The most recent example is for the Peru independence Day:

Some clubs have an obvious link through former players, such as Carlos Zambrano who played over 100 games for Eintracht Frankfurt, enjoying a successful career in Germany. And in tennis we saw Roland-Garros post an image of Luis Horna, a former doubles champion in the French Open.


Others bet on creativity like LOSC Lille which created a graphic of the Stadium Pierre-Mauroy showing the colours of the Peruvian Flag. And S.S.C. Napoli saying “Today we wore the diagonal band in honour to Peru” in reference to the Peru Football National Team shirt.

And finally PSG and Spurs used big international stars who are loved in Peru, and all around the world, to add power to their graphics for Peru Independence day.

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