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Genius Sports and Pixellot join live data with AI-automated video for 100 sports competitions


Genius Sports, a sports data expert, and Pixellot, a provider of AI video technology, have expanded their partnership to provide automated live video and data services to more than 100 competition worldwide. These two formidable forces have previously collaborated, including with the AFA and the IBA, but this current collaboration goes considerably further. According to the terms of the deal, Genius Sports will have the exclusive right to market Pixellot’s products to various basketball, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey, and baseball organisations and federations.

More on Pixellot

Pixellot takes live video and converts it into shareable data that can be fed into video and data analytics programmes in real-time. With this technology, coaches may watch complete games or highlights while collecting detailed stats. Coaches may now employ analysis tools like shot charts and heatmaps thanks to this technology.

Over 18,000 Pixellot systems have been installed throughout the world by broadcasters, federations, and sporting teams. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona have all used these systems. To expand its reach, the company created the Pixellot Air, a portable, low-cost device.

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Genius Sports data collection technologies combined with the ability to automatically make TV-quality broadcasts and highlights, will expand income prospects. Not only that, but it has the potential to boost performance, which benefits fans, coaches, advertisers, betting companies, and media partners.

The cooperation between Genius Sports and Pixellot will grow, allowing new sports to manage their streaming strategy. They will collaborate to boost the profile of sports leagues worldwide, reaching out to new and existing fans and sponsors. This exciting new partnership with Genius Sporting offers new monetisation options for sporting organisations, resulting in new long-term revenue streams.

Genius Sports recently declared a 78.7% increase in revenue to US$84 million for the fourth quarter of 2021. All of this occurred in the same year that it was named the National Football League’s exclusive data partner. More good news is on the way, as revenues are likely to surpass US$440 million by 2023.