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We have a couple of surprises this week in our weekly look at the performances of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and their clubs on the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Flamengo continues to reign over the social media table this week. With a surprise appearance from São Paulo coming second overall. It has been a mixed week as Instagram showed a slight increase of 1.9% in interactions compared to last week. Unfortunately, this week, Facebook and Twitter are down, with Facebook declining by 4.9% and Twitter by 14%. As a result, with 34.47 million interactions, the total number of interactions are down by 0.93%.

A huge difference …

The fight on our social media table for the leading team was once again won by Flamengo. With their overall interactions, Flamengo remains on a pedestal, which may come as a surprise to some as they have seen an 8.6% decline in their total results compared to previous weeks. São Paulo has a long way to go to catch up to Flamengo, despite being in second place this week, with a 7.2 million gap in interactions. São Paulo has boosted their interactions by 2.61 million, which is almost the total performance for Santos, which is sitting in fifth place this week. This is a significant gap between first and second place.

World stage, local presence

The participation of Palmeiras at the Club World Cup could have created a massive boost of interactions with their social media pages. Their appearance had the opposite effect, however. The poor performance of Palmeiras at the tournament resulted in their interactions taking a blow as they decreased by 48%.

Frustration after title expectation

Palmeiras was not the only one that was affected by this substantial decline. This drop of 48 percent has hit Belo Horizonte hard. The major investment made fans of Atlético Mineiro dream of the title. The chances of winning the title are slim, however, after these poor results. This disappointment and the distant possibility of winning the long-awaited second championship contributed to this major decrease in interactions.


São Paulo performed very successfully in December and had an average of 5.5 million interactions. The weak results on the pitch in January led the club to a modest sixth place overall with an average of 2.5 million interactions last week and a negative peak of 1.16 million interactions. The Tricolor of the Morumbi gained a 295% rise in interactions that week, recovering overall in second place.

Libertadores, any day, we are here!

Fans’ enthusiasm for the Pre-Libertadores classification led to a great buzz for Tricolor as they got a 53.3% rise in interactions on their social media. As a result, in just 7 days, the club jumped from 900,000 to 1.38 million interactions. This big leap in the leaderboard means Vasco (966k) and Botafogo (162k) have a long way to go to catch up to Tricolor.


The performance of Botafogo was so poor that the club reached the “Instagram relegation zone”. On Instagram, they are respectively in seventh place and ninth in the overall ranking.  The Pernambuco club was in eighth place, just 11,000 interactions away from Atlético-MG. Perhaps they would have surpassed the “Galo” if they had connected more with their fans in their posts.

Peaks of the Week

It’s no surprise that the peak of the week on Instagram is Flamengo. Their major victory against Corinthians on Sunday made the Rubro-Negro achieve an impressive 4.66 million interactions. This result alone, with a gap of 1 million interactions, beats São Paulo.

Flamengo also took the title of Facebook’s peak of the week. However, as they earned 659,000 interactions, it is not all good for Flamengo, leaving the club in third position overall compared to the overall performance of their rivals.

Flamengo scored a hattrick in our weekly peaks. This week, Twitter’s peak also included Flamengo. On Sunday, they received more than 508,000 interactions, representing 46.18% of the total interactions generated throughout the week on Twitter by the Rio club. Well done Flamengo!


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