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Welcome to our weekly look at the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and their club’s performances across the main social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Last week (February 2 – February 9) showed a drop of 38% compared to the previous one. The record number of interactions in that previous week was not able to be sustained as the euphoria, and disappointment, post Copa Libertadores wore off and none of the six teams that saw more interactions managed to perform better.

Facebook saw the biggest overall slump with a total of 4.97 million interactions, the drop was 49.8%. The performance is the second worst in the last three months of analysis. Instagram dropped from 40 million interactions to 25.59 million this week, a reduction of 36.1%, while Twitter fell by 30.2% and was around 4.22 million interactions.

Without the World Cup …

Eliminated in the FIFA Club World Cup semi-final, Palmeiras saw their performance plummet as their fans saw the dream of the World Club title abruptly ended. The drop was 64.1% in interactions compared to the previous week, one which was going to hard to match after their recent Copa Libertadores success. In total there were just over 10.6 million fewer interactions.

An unexplained fall

Internacional’s performance drew attention. If in the league table of the Brasileirão, the club is favorite to win the title, in the interactions the club plummeted remarkably. On Instagram, the club had only 308 thousand interactions and was in 12th place while in the general ranking, the club only appeared in 11th place behind clubs like Sport and Vasco who, on the field, fight to escape relegation. On Friday 2/4, and on Saturday, 2/5, the days following the draw with Athlético Paranaense, the club did not post and saw its indexes fall to the point of getting back behind Grêmio.

Pointing down

2021 has not turned out well for São Paulo. The drop in performance on the pitch reflects directly on the numbers of interactions. Since the first week of 2021, the Tricolor Paulista’s numbers have been decreasing week after week and reached its lowest mark in recent months: 1.16 million interactions and only 6th place in the overall ranking, on Instagram, Facebook and an uncomfortable 9th position on Twitter.

Peaks of the week dominated by Flamengo

On Instagram

Flamengo reached 3.4 million interactions the next day, defeating rival Vasco 2-0 and pushing their opponent to breaking point. The performance that day was, by far, the best of recent times. Bruno Henrique’s 100th career goal was the publication that generated the most interactions: almost 520,000.

On Facebook

Flamengo hit 504,000 interactions and was the record for interactions on the same day of the weekly apex on Instagram. The only difference was the protagonist in the photo. If on Instagram Bruno Henrique was honored, on Facebook, Gabigol was the one that earned likes and praise. The post hit 56k thousand interactions.

Also on Facebook the highlight was the post in which Palmeiras posted their team profiled with the caption indicating the date that they will return to the field for the Club World Cup. To the delight of opponents, who gloated over their sadness, over 172 thousand interactions.

On Twitter

Flamengo, also in 5th, recorded its record: 485 thousand interactions. And the highlight was the virtual celebration of Gabigol’s goal, Flamengo’s first goal in the classic against Vasco. Altogether, almost 10% of the day’s performance.


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