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Finalist 2019: Club Atlético Peñarol – “Peñarol Rosa”


Objective and Context:

October was established by the WHO (OMS) as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. For this reason, Peñarol decided to make a special edition pink shirt. We thought that the digital side of the club had to make something special as well to generate a big impact. Our objective was to generate awareness about this topic, but we didn’t set a specific “Social Media Objective”.

Creative Process:

In order to reach everyone or as many people as we could, we contacted different organizations that try to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. We told them about our idea and together, we were able to create a team of 11 women (pink team) who faced and beat this disease.
We gathered the protagonists in our Stadium, “Campeón del Siglo”, where we transmitted the idea.

Then, we surprised them by taking the whole group to the first team locker room where the pink shirts were waiting for them with their names. Then we shot the main clip, using all the installations of our Stadium. It was a very nice day, full of emotion.

Publication and Distribution:

We choose the official Peñarol´s Social Media to present the campaign. We used our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, (counting all three of them we have almost 1.5M interactions per month). Also, our campaign was presented in the major digital newspaper’s websites, TV and sports webpages (local and regional).

We created one main video, that was the one with the Pink Team in our Stadium. Then we created another special Instagram video with the Pink Team before a match game played at our stadium. Also, we made different posts on our Social Media, informational designs that talked about the
disease and we also made contest in which the winner got an official Pink shirt.


It was shared by the most important newspapers and TV channels from Uruguay and also some regional TV as well.

I personally believe that “Peñarol Rosa” should win the Samba Digital Awards 2019. First of all because the topic itself touches the whole world, it is a disease that is present in many women, not just in Uruguay but in most of the countries around the world. We have to be committed to awareness, and this kind of action is really helpful nowadays with Social Media impact.

Moreover, the way in which we sought to raise awareness amongst the public that consumed this piece was different from the actions that were carried out previously, trying to inform, but also to provide optimism to women who are facing this disease. I think this was the main idea.

Finally, I think it is also important to highlight the Corporate Social Responsibility of our club, Peñarol and also, PUMA, because they donated part of the income generated to different organizations related to this topic in our country.


· https://youtu.be/o61QQROQUng
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