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Fernando Diniz’s arrival fails to boost the Brazilian National Team’s social media

Fernando Diniz’s arrival fails to boost the Brazilian National Team’s social media

Without a post about the coach’s agreement on Twitter, CBF official profiles showed  a lack of performance after the announcement.

There was a time when the Brazilian National Team made the country stop for a few moments at each important announcement. However, analysis of the CBF Instagram performance on the day Fernando Diniz was announced as the new coach of the Brazilian national team shows that this scenario has changed a lot in recent times.

The announcement of the new coach – who takes over as interim – took place on July 5th. On this date, the interactions on Instagram of the Brazil Selection, together, reached just over 775,000.

Compared to all other days of the year, the performance on July 5th is only the 24th best.

See below the daily performances on the official CBF page on Instagram in 2023:

If we analyze things post by post, the scenario is even a little worse: the simple design had just over 414,000 likes, which ensures it only the 43rd position in the ranking of the best posts of the year.

Regarding the total number of comments, there were 5,036 on the video in which Diniz says he accepted the call of the Brazilian team. Still, the post is only the 17th best in the category.

We showed the performances to Wagner Leitzke, Social Media Manager at Samba Digital, a sports marketing agency specializing in brand internationalization and with extensive experience in managing digital communities.

In the expert’s opinion, it is not new that the CBF’s work could be more engaging in terms of connecting with followers and fans, but this goal has not yet been achieved.

“From a technical point of view, today we still see a very large distance between the reality of the digital universe – the way fans, clubs and brands work and dialogue – with what we see in the profiles of the Brazilian National Team. The “tone of voice” does not bring the supporter closer, being bureaucratic and cold, while the quality of the rich material (photo and video) is below what is expected of the most successful national team,” he said.

Wagner adds:

“The product in hand is the best possible, easy to engage with the passion of all national fans and the international affection for “Amarelinha”, but it is not well used. Therefore, it is not surprising that even the hiring of Diniz, who could explode in social media, has the impact it deserves. The impact happened, it became Trending Topics, it was on all the sports pages, but the movement does not start through the official CBF networks. And it could have been if planned well.”

No posts on Twitter

With 5.8 million followers, the Brazilian National Team’s Twitter page (@CBF_Futebol) did not even post about the new coach.

To make the CBF’s digital disconnection from Twitter even clearer, the Brazilian team’s page did not have a single post on the platform in July (until 5 pm on July 12, the date on which this material was written).

The last post on the official account of the national team was the announcement of the end of the series of friendly games on June 20, the day on which the Brazilian national team, then led by Ramon Menezes, was defeated by Senegal by 4-2.

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