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Extreme E reveals new broadcast partner to help reach audiences in over 100 countries


Fans enjoyed the first race of the brand new Extreme E series on April 3rd. DAZN, the sports streaming service, has gained the rights to broadcast this off-road racing series for all-electric SUVs. And to connect to a global audience, this season will be streamed in over a hundred countries, starting with the race in Saudi Arabia.

Fans in the United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Africa, Poland, Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Egypt, and Portugal will be able to watch the championship’s opening series on DAZN’s platform.

Extreme E will join DAZN’s growing global boxing, esports, and original programming options. This streaming service also hosts official broadcasts of other motorsport shows. Motorsport fans can also watch Formula One in Japan and MotoGP in Italy and Spain.

Extreme E’s new season will be airing on a number of networks around the world, including DAZN. This upcoming season will also be broadcasted with Globo in Brazil. Fans in the United States have access to Fox Sports, Eurosport in Europe, and Sony in India.

This off-road racing championship is typically in countries that have been hit the hardest by climate change. The use of these locations within the races was in order to encourage environmental recovery and safety. This season, these competitions will be held in Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Greenland, Brazil, and Argentina. The first race of the 2021 Extreme E season, in Al-‘Ula, Saudi Arabia, will be covered by DAZN.

A growing audience

The social media presence of Extreme E has grown in the lead-up to this year’s season. This may be due to rising interest in the series, as well as broadcasters like DAZN encouraging viewers to stream it. A total of 17,000 new Facebook fans have followed the championship. They’ve also added 72,000 new Instagram followers and 25,000 new Twitter followers. Their community is growing, and with plans to extend into other social media outlets, this is just the beginning.

Before the season begins, Extreme E has also announced a new partnership. As its official timekeeper, Extreme E has formed a new partnership with luxury watchmaker Zenith. Zenith will keep track of each race and provide live timing to Extreme E’s command centre as part of this new collaboration.

This relationship will help both viewers and team members during the series. On their phones and on the Extreme E website, they’ll be able to keep track of these real-time sector times. Zenith’s current goal of creating a better planet made it only natural for them to join forces with the eco-friendly event where every second counts.


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