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As we slowly step closer and closer to the Super Bowl, the faint cheering gets louder and louder. Super Bowl 55 will keep the sixteen-year tradition intact, to play on the first Sunday of February. This year, this special day will be Sunday 7th February 2021. It will be hosted in the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This is a particularly intriguing year, since no team has ever played the Super Bowl in their home stadium. It is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady made this happen when the renowned quarterback led them to glory by delivering three touchdown passes. Finishing the game with a 31-26 win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Champions game. This year will see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs for the sport’s biggest prize..

How will we watch the Super Bowl this year?

Due to the current pandemic, most fans are unlikely to experience the full enjoyment of the game, since they will not be able to sit in the arena. However, 22,000 people will be able to watch the Super Bowl game at the stadium. 7,500 thousand of these fans will be vaccinated health workers. They will watch the game free of charge as a small gesture of thanks for the work they have done during this trying time. The remaining 14,500 thousand tickets were open to the public. Owing to the extremely low number of seats in the arena, these 22,000 spectators will only occupy one third of the stadium, providing a safe atmosphere for all visitors.

Only those lucky few will be able to attend the live event. This means that millions of other fans will need to watch the game through streaming services. Unfortunately, CBS will not be broadcasting a 4D or HDR game due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, which may annoy some viewers. However, CBS Sports Digital has vowed to ensure that the coverage of the game is consistent and has low latency for this broadcast. In the UK, it will be a late night for some NFL fans as you can watch live from BBC One and Sky Sports Action.

The most popular Super Bowl 2021 adverts

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching, most viewers will know this as a stream of Super Bowl advertisements wash over our screens. These commercials are notorious for grabbing our attention, whether it’s by humour, compassion or innovation. Because of the success of these ads, they’re not only used during the Super Bowl, but they’re used as teasers for the major event as they’ve become viral social media promotions to get us pumped about what’s next. Here are some of the most popular Super Bowl 2021 adverts:

The infamous Super Bowl Halftime Show


Another surprise of this Super Bowl is how neither Pepsi nor Coca-Cola purchased advertisement time during the Super Bowl. Instead, Pepsi has used all their efforts to support content through a half-time broadcast. This was the first teaser to be released, entitled “Get Ready.” This ad featured the great hit song “Blinding Lights” by the events headline act the Weeknd.

The Doritos #FlatMatthew” McConaughey

Doritos have released two teaser advertisements that could only be identified as original. The first stars were Mindy Kaling and Jimmy Kimmel at the Jimmy Kimmel talk show. They were starting to discuss the fresh look of Matthew McConaughey. Adding to the intrigue, we are yet to see this new look but from their reaction it is shocking.


Is it a bird?, is it a plane, No, its Matthew McConaughey. The second teaser features two kids playing in their front garden with their mum as they watch in wonder as a dog flies by. Rightfully the children ask “why is that dog flying a kite? And why does that kite look like Matthew McConaughey?”. This curious hashtag, “FlatMatthew” McConaughey, indicates that Doritos created a flattened version of this notorious actor to sell these addictive crisps. They’re certainly creative!

This year’s Super Bowl has set so many milestones for both fans and players. Although we can’t all experience the game as we would have liked the anticipation still conjures up some form of nostalgia about how enjoyable Super Bowl will be no matter the circumstance. Keep an eye out for those ads if you need a surge of excitement for the big day!


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