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Ceará, Talleres and Atlético-MG win at the Samba Digital Awards 2020


After the 18 finalists of the Samba Digital Awards 2020 went through the analysis of a qualified jury composed of 39 members of the sports industry (the list of judges is below), the 2020 version of the Samba Digital Awards now has its winners.

Ceará was chosen as the best campaign in the “Social Action” category. Its film “Corrida dos Privilégios “, produced jointly with TRT Ceará – 7th Region, was the one that scored the most points with the jury: 80 in total. The campaign centered around the message that social inequality can lead to child labor and affect for the rest of a child’s life.

In the Audio & Visual category, the winner was Talleres from Argentina. With the video entitled ” La Vida a Tu Lado “, the club in the Cordoba region aimed to promote positive social values linked to friendship and the spirit of overcoming, brought to life through the story of a fan which is full of hope and optimism. The campaign scored an impressive 100 points votes from the judges, and won a battle that appeared to be lost to Boca Juniors, who ended with 93 points.

In the Engagement category, Atlético-MG was elected with the “Manto da Massa” campaign. With 110 points, the campaign sought to bring a direct connection with its passionate fan and launched a competition that allowed its fans to design the third shirt of the club. The final stage of the activation saw more than 50 thousand votes to choose the winning design from the 13 finalists. When the shirt was launched, 100,000 of them were sold, a record in the Brazilian market.

The 2020 edition of the Samba Digital Awards featured more than 100 registered campaigns from clubs, sports organizations and even football players from six different countries in Latin America. 18 campaigns were pre-selected in three different categories and taken to the jury for their vote.

Samba Digital congratulates the winners!

Final Results:

Social Action*

Áudio & Visual

Boca Juniors93
América (MEX)80
América (MEX)39
Deportivo Cali28
Athlético PR23

* a jury member chose not to vote for Social Action category campaigns

Voting Methodology:

After having access to the campaigns and information regarding the 18 finalist campaigns, the jury, composed of 39 members, chose its three main campaigns in each category.

The best campaign received 5 points, the second best received 3 points and the third best 1 point.

List of Judges:

  1. Adam Howe – Everton FC
  2. Agustin Luchtenberg – MKT Registrado
  3. Alejandro Varsky – FIFA / FIFPro
  4. Andrea Guerrero – ESPN
  5. Andrea Sparisci – SSC Napoli
  6. Andrew Guest – Liverpool FC
  7. Andy McKenzie – LiveWire Sport
  8. Anthony Alyce – Ecofoot.fr
  9. Anthony Baca – Paris Saint-Germain
  10. Arthur Ortolano Guisasola – TikTok
  11. Bruno Maia – Agência 14
  12. Craig Rodhouse – Tottenham Hotspur FC
  13. Damien Chédeville – AS Monaco
  14. Danilo Lavieri – UOL
  15. David Labrune – Ligue 1
  16. Dee Kundra – FC Bayern de Munique
  17. Eduardo Esteves – MKT Esportivo
  18. Erich Beting – Máquina do Esporte
  19. Fernando Palomo – ESPN
  20. Franz Tamayo – El Comercio
  21. Geoff Krohmer – Orlando Magic
  22. Heidi Klocker – Bayern Munchen
  23. Holger Boyne – Eintracht Frankfurt
  24. Jackie Cruz – Eintracht Frankfurt
  25. Julian Lage – Marca de Gol 
  26. Leonardo Bertozzi – ESPN Brasil
  27. Luan Knaya – Twitter
  28. Luca Colombo – AC Milan
  29. Marcelo Courrege – TV Globo
  30. Marcelo Gantman – La Nación & Big Data Sports
  31. Mark Cocker – THE FA
  32. Maxime Horbez – Oh MY Goal
  33. Maxime Sevilla – Olympique Lyon
  34. Neil Horowitz
  35. Patrick Yandjou – Blinkfire
  36. Quentin Paquelier – Facebook
  37. Renata Heilborn – SporTV
  38. Saint Clair Milesi – Share4Sport
  39. Victor Canedo – Globoesporte