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CBS crowned the winner of the US rights battle for Serie A and Coppa Italia


CBS will begin broadcasting Italian soccer in the United States next season after beating ESPN for Serie A and the Coppa Italia. Previously, both competitions were broadcast on ESPN’s own streaming network, ESPN+. The top flight of Italian soccer, as well as the premier cup knockout competition, have all switched to CBS as a result of this new deal. Fans will also be delighted to learn that this latest deal is for three years.

While the terms of the arrangement are private, the Associated Press reports that the total value of the contract is €64 million. By the end of the deal, the league would have earned at least €200 million. The value of these rights has increased by an impressive 30% as a result of this deal. The expansion of Serie A in North America is just getting started, as the league continues to invest in both human and content resources.

The Uefa Champions League and the National Women’s Soccer League rights have both been won by CBS. CBS’s purchase of a vast range of rights indicates that this isn’t their only effort at diversification. The network also has the rights to Argentina’s Liga Professional de Futbol, Brazil’s Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A. Alongside international matches arranged by Concacaf, the North and Central American soccer governing body.

The majority of CBS’s live soccer coverage is broadcasted through the Paramount+ subscription package. However, CBS has yet to announce when its Serie A content will be available on the network or streaming platform.

We could see a drop

Between 2021 and 2024, the value of Serie A’s worldwide broadcast contracts is expected to decrease. As Serie A’s partnership with BeIN Sports becomes unstable, the Middle East and North Africa are predicted to struggle. Despite their involvement in the BeoutQ pirate operation, the league’s current links to Saudi Arabia may be the source of this dispute.

The current relationship with BeIN which supports the Middle East, North America, Australia, and France is worth up to $500 million. However, during the league’s most recent rights sale process, this network has yet to extend its contract. BeIN, which may be worth up to half of the league’s package, is not bidding this year. The league’s value could plummet as a result of BeIN’s unwillingness to allow associates to make offers for their countries.

Serie A has a long way to go since a new domestic broadcast deal has yet to be agreed upon. The league’s twenty clubs are still weighing an offer of €850 million per year from popular streaming service DAZN. DAZN is also competing with a close second offer of €750 million from Sky Italia. They have yet to confirm which directions they will take, but the clubs will meet again on March 26th to discuss their current problem.


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