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CBF plans to create a hub of Brazilian team experiences


The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has devised a new concept to promote to their fans; this well-known team intends to bring Brazilian football and culture to other markets in the form of an experience centre. The Brazil Soccer Experience will be a feature across eight markets over four years, thanks to a partnership with Tornak Holding. The goal of these innovative installations is to give fans an immersive and connected experience in the Brazilian team’s arena.

Brazil Soccer Experience

Brazilian football, according to the CBF, is much more than just a sport. It is also an important component of Brazilian culture, which has led to the creation of thematic zones in a number of countries.

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CBF aims to start building in Qatar in 2022, based on Brazil’s selection. Following that, the experiences will go to six countries that are not yet open to the public before entering the US in 2026. These experiences will be in at least eight different countries over the course of four years, as promised.

More and More Experiences

A typical Brazilian team’s centre would include interactive events and recollections. Not only that, but they also feature dining and shopping alternatives, as well as information about the national team’s past. This method ensures that visitors are totally captivated as a consequence of the use of technology and engaging activities. The entry fees for Brazil Soccer Experience have yet to be determined, as has whether or not visitors will be required to pay to participate in some events.

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For the time being, CBF and Tornak are looking for sponsors to help them bring the concept to life. Companies are already presenting to the market in order to demonstrate the concept of the experience centre and recruit partner brands. According to Tornaim, CBF sponsors such as Nike, Guaraná Antarctica, Vivo, and Ita have priority when negotiating participation in the Brazil Soccer Experience at this time.