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Brazilian streamer ‘Gaules’ begins broadcasting NBA games on Twitch


NBA games can now be streamed live in Brazil on Twitch. The league, streamer Alexandre “Gaules” Borba Chiqueta, and the well-known beer company Budweiser have teamed up to create this new way to watch. This well-known Brazilian content maker has a whopping 2.7 million Twitch subscribers ready and waiting for the next game. During this season’s playoffs, he’ll be streaming games from the world’s most prominent basketball league on his own channel.

Gaules, a 37-year-old former competitive gamer, will also stream more than 100 NBA games next season as part of the deal, which he disclosed on his YouTube account this week. Not only that but there will be broadcasts with special guests.

Basketball is the second most popular sport among Gaules’ followers, thus he owes his new contract to them. As the number of people watching basketball grows, Gaules has teamed up with Budweiser and the NBA to bring more new content to the public’s attention.

It is unknown whether Gaules paid for the rights. The presence of Budweisers, on the other hand, indicates that this is a continuation of a previous transaction. As a result of the prior partnership, Budweiser was able to gain the rights to live stream NBA games in Brazil through its social media sites.

On Twitch, the popularity of NBA G League games has only grown in recent years. Last year, this prompted the launch of a dedicated sports programming channel. Not only that, but the United States Basketball Association, the International Basketball Federation, the National Basketball League of Australia, and a slew of other sports leagues have also made deals with Amazon’s streaming service.

Gaules’ NBA feeds kicked off last week with coverage of the Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks, as well as the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers, in their round one matchups.

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