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Atlético Goianiense signs a new master sponsorship deal with Amuleto Bet


Atlético Goianiense, a Brazilian football team famed for its success in Serie A, has inked a new master sponsorship agreement. Thanks to Samba Digital, this first-division club has landed a new sponsorship with Amuleto Bet. To launch this relationship, the Amuleto Bet logo will be signposted on the team’s field. As a result of this sponsorship, Amuleto Bet can expect more than just a space on the home pitch and on the team’s uniform. Print and online advertising will be available to fans. In addition, weekly updates will be posting on the club’s social media platforms, as social media continues to be a vital asset for the squad.

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It’s safe to say AmuletoBet was overjoyed to be a part of this Brazilian squad. The great reputation of Atlético Goianiense may have contributed to the favorable reaction. The betting brand has built a reputation as a consequence of its wins in a number of tournaments, which will now help it achieve its goal of being Brazil’s best sports betting company.

Not only is this a winning situation for AmuletoBet, but it is also advantageous for Atlético since a master sponsor is an asset for the club’s future. For this football team, the reputation of the betting house was just as important as whether or not there was huge potential for expansion in the Brazilian market, which is why they picked AmuletoBet with the help of Samba to obtain this sponsorship.

Football continues to be sponsored by betting firms

Fans saw Goianiense play Palmeiras on Rede Globo, Latin America’s largest commercial television network, on July 18th. Not only was it a big day for the competition, but it was also the official announcement of the sponsorship. On that day, Atlético became the latest Brazilian club to strike a sponsorship deal with a sports betting or igaming company, giving the club reason to rejoice in more ways than one.

Although this is great news for the team, it is not the first team to partner with a betting firm. Fluminense had already reached an agreement with Betmotion for a sponsorship contract that will see the company’s logo on the team’s shirts until January 2022.

Based on the success of other teams such as Fluminense, we may see more from Atlético in the future. Fluminense swiftly took over as Betano’s primary sponsor. Betano did not stop there; in addition to obtaining Fluminense, they negotiated a contract with club Atlético Mineiro.

Betano is not the only firm, Betmotion has also joined this venture with a Brazillian football team. Betmotion’s sponsorship was able to sign on with Athletico Paranaense, which allowed them to continue to promote great teams. Betting houses are far from done in terms of sponsorships. Sportsbet.io has become the official sponsor of Sao Paulo. Not only that, but Sportsbet.io has been dubbed the team’s main sponsor as a result of the agreement. This deal was especially exciting because it lasts through 2024, giving it the club’s largest sponsorship deal to date.

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