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As matches resume, Flamengo maintain their lead in the LATAM rankings


On a monthly basis, we rate clubs from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Columbia in our LATAM club rankings. The Colombian Championship caused a disruption in June, resulting in an absence of matches in Argentina. With this in mind, and in light of the Liga MX’s end, the number of interactions has dropped to its lowest point of 243 million since the ranking began. In July, however, the matches returned to Argentina, and viewership climbed with games in Colombia, not to mention the start of the Copa Libertadores da América following a pause for the Copa América.

Learn more about the LATAM Rankings, as well as Flamengo’s recent achievements.

General Numbers

After the Colombian Championship was interrupted in July, the rankings gradually recovered, and Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook saw some interesting results. On Instagram, all six alternate nations of interactions had a modest 39% increase from June to July. Of course, there’s more, as Instagram accounted for a whopping 77% of all interactions in July.

Instagram wasn’t the only social media site to see success. In comparison to July, Facebook and Twitter both saw an increase in engagements. The number of interactions on Facebook jumped from 34.8 million to a whopping 43.96 million. Twitter, too, increased from 24.46 million to 32.06 million engagements. However, it is not all good news for Twitter. The platform continues to struggle to expand in Colombia and Chile, where the figures are only slightly higher. In terms of growth, Facebook saw a 9.1 million increase from one year to the next, with the majority of this growth occurring in Mexico and Argentina. Brazil, despite accounting for 40% of total interactions, had a drop in the platform’s overall number of interactions. 

Flamengo’s dominance is undeniable

Flamengo reached an astonishing 62.97 million interactions in July. This is an increase from 38.8 million in June and 54.03 million in May. This increase is thanks to the arrival of Renato Gacho, Flamengo’s new Manager, and his consecutive victories by rout. The Rio de Janeiro club has complete control of all social media platforms and engages in social and digital distancing in practically all of them.

Fla x Cruz Azul on Facebook

Only Cruz Azul (MEX), which had been without a title for a long time, has broken its dry spell. The club has gotten its followers to engage in an incredible 4.08 million interactions and came close to matching Facebook. Cruz Azul was on the verge of moving to Flamengo’s place for the second month in a row, with only 531 encounters separating them in June.

Cruz Azul hit its highest point on July 18th, with a total of 882,000 contacts. Flamengo, on the other hand, fell short of the 882 thousand mark, with its greatest performance on Facebook hitting 380,000 engagements. River was in third place with 700 thousand fewer interactions than Flamengo. However, they did exceed Flamengo in the daily peak with 460 thousand engagements after the Copa Libertadores triumph over Argentino Jrs.

Equality only on Facebook

There is definitely a pattern emerging in our leaderboard. Five of the clubs on Facebook are Brazilian, four are Mexican, and one is from Argentina. These clubs have also taken over Twitter’s top ten, with eight of the ten being Brazilians. Not only that, but seven of the top ten clubs on Instagram are Brazilian, two are Argentine, and one is Mexican.

Uruguayan presence

Despite the fact that it has been a mixed bag, Uruguay has come out on top. Uruguay has finally landed in the top 20 on Instagram, the social media platform with the highest rate of interactions. Peñarol, which beat Nacional in the Copa Sudamericana, surpassed Independiente (ARG) in terms of interactions with 2.87 million. They were not only successful on Instagram, but also on Twitter, where Peñarol was ranked 15th and Nacional was ranked 19th.


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