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Alpine and Binance announces new fan token partnership


More fan tokens are on the way thanks to a new agreement between the Formula One team, Alpine, and cryptocurrency trading giant Binance ahead of the 2022 season. As part of this new agreement, Alpine will join Binance’s platform and issue NFTs to major racing enthusiasts. Furthermore, for the 2022 season, Binance will be the official fan token partner of Alpine’s Formula One and esports teams, including branding on the A522 car.

This is not an unusual collaboration, as two Formula One teams have collaborated with a bitcoin company. Mercedes is also working with FTX, while Red Bull Racing, McLaren Racing, and Ferrari are working with Tezos and Velas, respectively. Not only that, but AlphaTauri has partnered with Fantom, and Alfa Romeo has partnered with Socios.com. Aston Martin has also formed two industry alliances, one with Crypto.com and the other with Socios.

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More Formula One news

In other Formula One news, more teams have been engaging in contract negotiations. The series picked Crypto.com to sponsor the first sprint events of the season in 2021. This collaboration with Binance advances the goal of transforming the racing landscape while also enabling more innovative fan participation. The Alpine token and a limited-edition set of NFTs will now be released as part of this. Alpine want to be a pioneer in the new digital world, and they feel Binance can assist them in this endeavour.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has renewed its contract with ManPower Group through the 2022 season. This well-known red and yellow emblem will be everywhere, and the employment firm will be branded on the F1-75 car as part of the contract.