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AFL set to ‘Make Their Mark’ with documentary launch next month


I’m sure we can all accept that 2020 was an unusual year, and the AFL would definitely agree. An Amazon Prime documentary series “Making their Mark” will be released for us on March 12th, 2021, showing the hysteria that the AFL has encountered as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This enlightening seven-episode series will provide a first-person viewpoint on the clubs, coaches and executives from six AFL teams. Watch the trailer below to find out more!

So, what can we expect from this documentary?

This documentary series will feature:

  • Nic Naitanui (West Coast player) 
  • Stuart Dew ( Gold Coast coach) 
  • Stephen Coniglio (GWS captain) 
  • Eddie Betts (Carlton player) 
  • Rory Sloane (Adelaide captain) 
  • Damien Hardwick (Richmond coach) 
  • Brendon Gale (Richmond CEO) 
  • Peggy O’Neal (Richmond president) 

The AFL premiership led to a grand finale for Richmond’s 2020 season, with the Tigers winning their third flag in the last four seasons. However, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the path to this winning finish was not smooth sailing. 

During this time, the Gold Coast Club encountered a series of problems that Hardwick, Gale and O’Neal had to solve. For instance, Brooke Cotchin, the wife of the Richmond Tigers’ Captain, Trent, was in violation of AFL’s Covid-19 rules after she went to a day spa. This led to Trent threatening to leave the Richmond Tigers.

However, this was just the beginning of trouble as Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones became involved in an altercation at the end of the season. Stack and Coleman-Jones were suspended from ten matches, as well as the Tigers being fined an outstanding $100,000 dollars. More news submerged, including the separation of Damien Hardwick and his wife whilst Richmond was in the Gold Coast hub. However, against all odds, Richmond put all controversies behind them and won the 2020 AFL premiership.

What happened to Stephen Coniglio?

2020 was not the year for Coniglio. It was his worst AFL season, having finished with an average of 21.1 disposals, his lowest tally since 2013. The former known gun midfielder turned Giants captain in 2019. Stephen signed a handsome seven-year, million-dollar annual contract that would allow a luxurious lifestyle for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, Stephen was unable to reach his potential, which led him to be dropped from the team in round 17 clash against Melbourne, which was vital to their success. Unfortunately, the absence of Coniglio did not help the Giants win, resulting in a loss by five points.

This documentary helps us understand how Coniglio was coping with the responsibility of becoming the new team leader in such a tough season, as well as his feelings about being dropped from the team at a critical time of the season.

How did captain Rory Sloane deal with his challenges? 

Rory Sloane, captain of the Adeladies, lost his luck. His team’s success steadily decreased since the Grand Final in 2017. Their luck has yet to be found as they won their first wooden spoon in 2020.

Sloane’s first year as captain was tough as they encountered their worst season as well as a broken hand, which caused him to miss six matches. These incidents made it look like Adelaide’s demise was approaching.

But, for the final six matches, Sloane came back better than ever. His return resulted in three wins for his teammates and helped the club find a range of new youngsters. The challenges Rory faced with the club, as well as his own obstacles, will be motivating to watch!

What help did Matthew Rowell receive through his first year of football?

Matt Rowell, the first draft pick of Gold Coast. He spent his first four games of the 2020 season in high honours and collected an impressive nine Brownlow votes. However, Matt was struck in his prime by a shoulder injury in his fifth game of the season. Stuart Dew headed to his rescue and appointed Rowell as his assistant coach for the remainder of his unplayable season.

This action-packed documentary is sure to be really entertaining to watch. We’ll witness the controversy, the surprise and the strain that the 2020 season brought to the shoulders of the players. Behind the scenes footage of teammates’ relationships and kindness seen from Stuart Dew to Rowell, allows us to see another side of this stressful season. It’s definitely worth a watch, and don’t forget to bring snacks!


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