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Adidas and UEFA extend their collaboration through 2025 to cover women’s football


Adidas has confirmed the continuance of a long-standing agreement with Uefa, which is great news in terms of collaborations. The Champions League, Euro 2024, League of Nations, and European Qualifiers will all be aired under this new contract, which runs until 2025. Not only that, but this agreement now includes the organization’s women’s events. The Women’s Champions League, Euro Women’s 2022, Women’s Euro Futsal, and European Women’s Under-17 and Under-19 Championships will be among the events.

According to the well-known sports brand, the objective is to keep the commitment to promote football in general. Uefa and the Adidas Football Collective Initiative have partnered to create opportunities for greater access and equity in sport. This golden pledge applies to all levels, from the grassroots to the professional elite. With this in mind, women’s football will be adding to the mix. The Adidas Football Collective, which began in 2020, is a one-of-a-kind group of people. This Collective comprises clubs and communities from throughout the world that believe that football can help bring about positive change.

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This new partnership will help Uefa improve women’s football ahead of what promises to be a key year in 2022. Uefa is halfway through a five-year strategic plan to establish the best possible basis for women’s football development. This partnership will help the organization continue to invest in initiatives that promote women’s football at all levels.

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Adidas’ commitment to women’s football doesn’t stop there. DAZN has partnered with YouTube and Uefa in the first global arrangement of its kind. Last week, this collaboration began broadcasting the entire Women’s Champions League season to the whole world for free.

The exclusive arrangement adds to the project’s uniqueness. This is due to DAZN’s ability to broadcast the games internationally for free for the next two years. Following that, each season, 16 games will be available on YouTube for free, with the rest games appearing on the site.

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Adidas will sponsor the six-episode series “We All Rise,” which was in creation with DAZN to be broadcast at halftime in every game in every round of the group stage. The series explores the origins and growth of women’s football. In addition to DAZN, all videos on the Uefa Champions League channel for women will contain German brand advertising.

The Women’s Champions League is the premier club competition in the world. This new collaboration will bring it to a larger audience than ever before. More exposure, coverage, and new formats are all helping to propel women’s football ahead, and Adidas are ready to join DAZN and YouTube in this effort.