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A look at the Brasileirão on Twitter

A look at the Brasileirão on Twitter

It’s time for a new season in Serie A and Series B in Brazil, with the first matches having just taken place, and with a slight increase in the clubs’ digital performances on Twitter.

While Brazilian clubs are discussing – and sometimes disagreeing – about the division of broadcasting rights for the league, the digital world still does not have the attention that the issue needs.

Despite the debate on the subject, Samba Digital found that Twitter has seen a small increase, 1%, in the total interactions of the 40 clubs that form Serie A and B of Brazilian football, compared to the first week of the 2022 season.

Interactions and the return of big teams to Serie A

On that occasion, the 40 clubs that make up the two main divisions totaled just over 6.439 million interactions; that number grew to 6.504 million in 2023.

In order to have a fairer criteria for analysis, it is also necessary to include the 2022 Serie B teams, as four very popular clubs – Vasco, Cruzeiro, Grêmio and Bahia – were in the second division last year.

When separating the numbers of Serie A and Serie B, one can clearly see the impact of these four giant clubs, who were recently promoted to the top tier of Brazilian football.

With Vasco, Cruzeiro, Grêmio and Bahia back, Serie A had a 12.34% increase in total interactions on Twitter, compared to 2022. Without these big traditional teams, Serie B, on the other hand, registered a drop of 65.1%.

When analyzing these four clubs, there is a remarkable growth in the performances of Vasco and Grêmio. Cruzeiro remained the same, while Bahia did not perform as well as it did in Serie B at that time.

Vasco, meanwhile had an incredible 167% increase in interactions, while Grêmio were at 94%.

More than half of Serie B’s total!

An interesting highlight of Serie B is the primacy of Sport Club do Recife in 2023.

With a impressive campaign that has excited its fans – the club reached the finals of the Copa do Nordeste, the main regional competition in the first half of the year, and the State Championship of Pernambuco – the  team represented 52.13% of the total interactions in Serie B.

Header: Luis Henrique