4th consecutive year of revenue and earnings growth

Turnover: +36%
Net result: +48%


Lisbon (Portugal) – February 28, 2023 – 6 p.m.: Samba Digital, a global player in sports marketing, has posted strong growth results for the fourth consecutive year since its creation in 2018.

The 2022 financial statements approved by the Board of Directors of Samba Digital SGPS (Portugal) listed on Euronext Lisbon (ISIN PTDGL0AM0003, Mnemonic MLSMB) are as follows:

For the 2022 fiscal year, these include the consolidation of the accounts of the 100% subsidiary Samba Digital Inc. as well as the costs specific to the Portuguese parent company since its creation in 2022. By way of comparison, the 2021 figures include the financial items of Samba Digital Inc. converted into euros. The variation indicates growth in published data and growth in dollars excluding currency effects.

Final and audited accounts will be available by April 15, 2023.

Continued commercial momentum

In 2022, Samba Digital continued its growth trajectory with the growth of the American market and the good orientation of activity in French-speaking Europe. The breakdown by geographical area is as follows:

The 2022 activity was notably driven by the successful launch of the Sports Translate platform (integrated from 2023 in the Talentisi platform) and the development of the commercial offer to the USA with emblematic signatures, such as Soccer United Marketing, US Open, Kansas City Chief …

Operating income was €860 K, up 50% on 2021. Thanks to a 100% outsourced model, Samba Digital takes advantage of a favourable volume effect allowing it to absorb its fixed costs in better conditions.

Net income was up similarly by 48% to €664 K, showing a net margin of 17.3% up 1.4 percentage points on 2021

Strong financial structure

Given its history of regular profitability, the group benefits from a very healthy financial structure and without debt. At 31/12/2022, active cash amounted to €773 K ($828 K on the books of the US subsidiary) and its outstanding customers at €307 K ($328 K). The development costs of the new Talentisi platform, increased to balance sheet assets amount to €492 K ($527 K).

 2023 outlook: continued profitable growth

Given the good orientation of its order book and the potential of Talentisi’s deployment, the company anticipates for 2023 a turnover of approximately €5.9 million in growth of 54% compared to 2022 and an operating margin of 25% up by more than 2.5 pts.



Founded in 2018 in the United States, Samba Digital supports clubs and players in the sport and eGaming industry in their internationalization strategy, developing their digital audiences around the world.

The company is present on four continents: America (USA and LATAM), Europe, Africa and Asia. Samba Digital works with the biggest clubs and actors of English football (Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea…), French football (Ligue 1, PSG, OM, OL, AS Monaco…), Italian football (Serie A, Juventus, Naples…), German football (Bundesliga, Eintracht, Bayern de Munich…) and, since 2022, with the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

The company develops its expertise in many other sports, such as basketball (Orlando Magic in NBA and FIBA), rugby (World Rugby), golf (Ryder Cup), formula 1, tennis (Roland-Garros, US Open, etc.), etc.

Based in Portugal, Samba Digital also owns Sports Translate and Sport Influencers, two platforms for the sports industry, with over 300 translators and 5,000 influencers available worldwide. Sports Translate translates and adapts content into 50 languages and dialects and offers subtitling and video dubbing services.

Samba Digital is the first sports marketing company in the world to offer these various services with an economic model based on flexibility, without any bank debt and a comfortable treasury allowing it to self-finance its investments.

Samba Digital is listed on Euronext Lisbon PTDGL0AM0003 MLSMB