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Press Release: Samba Digital puts Artificial Intelligence at the heart of its development strategy

Press Release: Samba Digital puts Artificial Intelligence at the heart of its development strategy

Lisbon (Portugal) – January 23, 2024 – 1800 CET: Samba Digital (ISIN PTDGL0AM0003, Mnémonique MLSMB), a global player in the world of sports marketing, is accelerating its development by increasingly integrating Artificial Intelligence into its offerings. This strategic innovation is expected to account for 20% of the company’s sales in 2024.

The year 2023 was marked by strong growth, with sales up 44%, and benefiting from the impact of several strategic initiatives. In January 2023, the company made a major breakthrough with the launch of TALENTISI®, the world’s first collaborative platform dedicated to sporting organisations. This ambitious initiative offered unprecedented access to a full range of resources, including advanced graphics and design, as well as video and motion design services.

Over the course of 2023, Samba Digital has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, investing over $1M, entirely self-financed, in the enhancement of the TALENTISI® platform and in the revolutionary field of artificial intelligence applied to graphics and design. A dedicated team of 13 experts and consultants has been trained, focusing on the development of new modules, new functionalities and coordinating the delivery of high-end content to customers. The majority of this team comes from ‘Força’, the creative studio launched by Samba Digital in 2023, which since last year has already generated $400K in sales.

This strategic move towards integrating AI into all commercial offerings marks a major turning point for Samba Digital, which plans to officially launch all these innovative services during the second quarter of 2024. The Força studio, which is spearheading this advance, anticipates potential revenue of $2M in 2024, reflecting the strong market demand for creative and technologically advanced solutions in the sports marketing sector. This contribution will enable the company to achieve its sales target of €10M1 in 2024.

Frédéric Fausser, CEO of Samba Digital: “The gradual adoption of artificial intelligence into our offerings is radically transforming our processes, from design and illustration through to video production. Currently, around 25% of our creative output benefits from AI. This integration is enabling us to significantly improve our creative capabilities and efficiency, from the initial sketches through to the most complex finished products.”

1based on an even €/$ exchange

Next publication: Preliminary consolidated annual results for 2023 after market close on February 28


Founded in 2018 in the United States, Samba Digital supports clubs and players in the sports and eGaming industry in their internationalization strategies, by developing their digital audiences around the world.

The company is presently operating on five continents: North and South America (USA and LATAM), Europe, Africa and Asia. Samba Digital works with the biggest clubs and players in English football (Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea…), French football (Ligue 1, PSG, OM, OL, AS Monaco…), Italian football (Serie A, Juventus, Naples…), German football (Bundesliga, Eintracht, Bayern Munich…) and, since 2022, with the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

The company is developing its expertise in many other sports, such as basketball (Orlando Magic in the NBA and FIBA), rugby (World Rugby), golf (Ryder Cup), Formula 1, tennis (Roland-Garros, the US Open, etc.), etc.

Based in Portugal, Samba Digital also owns Sports Translate and Sport Influencers, two platforms aimed at the sports industry, with over 300 translators and 5,000 influencers available worldwide. Sports Translate provides content translation and adaptation in 50 languages and dialects and offers video subtitling and dubbing services.

Samba Digital is the first sports marketing company in the world to offer these different services with an economic model based on flexibility, without any bank debt and comfortable cash flow allowing it to self-finance its investments.

Samba Digital is listed on Euronext Lisbon PTDGL0AM0003 MLSMB


Company: Frédéric Fausser

Financial Communication: Dénis Bley, CapValue