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TikTok and Extreme E join forces to raise awareness of climate change


In the midst of the exciting new season of Extreme E that premiered last weekend, they announced a collaboration with TikTok. With this new alliance, Extreme E will be able to show off their electric SUV. They will also provide exclusive behind-the-scenes videos for all of their Extreme E fans. Little Dot Studios, a digital advertising agency and media network, launched the campaign on behalf of the series. Not only will they demonstrate their abilities, but they also hope to raise awareness about climate change and other projects that they support.

Sports fans have found the action and passion of live sporting events essential for an almost normal experience. TikTok and Extreme E are carrying off-road racing into the TikTok world while also raising awareness about climate change. Extreme E’s latest electric SUV series, demonstrates the new message of the value of sustainability that the organisation is actively seeking to bring out to the world.  In order to encourage social change, this extreme series will be held in Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Greenland, Brazil, and Argentina.

We can expect original behind-the-scenes coverage from racing venues, as well as thrilling highlights and exclusive live streams, now that Extreme E and Little Dot Studios have joined forces. Using the platform as a beacon for the effects of climate change, TikTok has created a new way for racing fans to enjoy racing content.  Due to the fact that Extreme E shares Little Dot Studios’ objective of becoming a sustainable company, the partnership helped both parties to reach a younger audience, enabling them to continue to expand.

What’s next? 

Fans can find this content on TikTok’s Discover page and on the official extreme E TikTok account. Extreme E’s aim is to be the world’s youngest and most dynamic racing series. Therefore, TikTok is the next major step toward achieving that goal.

The following races are listed below for all those Extreme E sport fans:

  • 29-30 May 2021: Ocean X Prix: Lac Rose, Senegal
  • 28-29 August 2021: Arctic X Prix: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
  • 23-24 October: Amazon X Prix: Para, Brazil
  • 11-12 December 2021: Glacier X Prix: Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

The Chaos has already begun, with nine teams competing from April 3rd to 4th. The top four teams will progress to the Semi-Final 1, while the remaining five will participate in the Crazy Race. Along with the first and second place winners in the Crazy Race, the top three teams in Semi Final 1 will advance to the Final. Only one team can win the X Prix by building the fastest combination over the course of the competition.


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