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The Process Behind Creating a Localized Strategy in Sport


Previously we have spoken about the five pillars of a successful localized strategy, but how do you take this information and use it to create something that works for you?

Well there are three main stages which we go through with our clients here at Samba; building a localized audience, engage and interact effectively with that new audience, capitalize on commercial value created.

1. Building a localized audience

If you’re not growing sufficiently in an international territory, ask yourself; Are you leveraging ALL of your assets on and off the field? And do you have a methodology that includes touch points such as; 

  • International Partners
  • International Current and Ex-Players
  • PR, Media & Broadcasting Links
  • Cultural Links
  • Paid Acquisitions
  • Club Ambassadors
  • Micro & Macro Influencers

All of these touch points can be utilised to build your audience in your target territory. But do be honest in assessing if you are leveraging all of them and what could be done better. 

2. Engage and interact effectively with that new audience

Once the audience is successfully growing, then the next stage on your localized strategy is to engage with them. This doesn’t just mean posting replies on Twitter but connecting with them through; competitions, local activations, highlighting local cultural moments and making those fans feel as if they are genuinely part of your club.

3. Capitalize on the commercial value created

An engaging and growing audience is one that can also become one of commercial value. Brand partners in that territory can be shown the engagement of those fans and how they can become part of the conversation – becoming part of the club’s family and developing branded content alongside you. 

And there will be a portion of fans who are your local ’super-fans’. Developing products with them in mind, such as international memberships which differ to your native offerings… ones that traditionally wouldn’t hit the spot as they provide ticketing discounts and community support initiatives in and around the ground for example.

One of the key elements that is essential in the digital space is staying up to speed with the social platforms. Being aware of which ones are effective in each market, and knowing why are both crucial in understanding and effectively engaging with local fans. 

And last but certainly not least, one of the most important areas of course is the metrics and analytics. These are the statistics that we are constantly looking at, using them to understand the audience and the effectiveness of our campaigns. These could include;

Reach, impressions, engagement, engagement rate, video views, minutes viewed, new fans, followers, subscribers, paid v organic and CPA’s.

Each has its own value and are used against the objectives of the localized strategy for that club, which vary client-to-client. Understanding these objectives and being able to translate them into engaging campaigns is why we work for some of the top clubs in the world including Juventus, Paris Saint Germain and Liverpool. 

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