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The Brasileiro Social Media Table – Amazing Vasco, and Palmeiras top of the league


As part of our ongoing partnership with MKT Esportivo in Brazil, we continue to report on the weekly performance of clubs in Campeonato Brasileiro Série A on all the main social media platforms.

Clubs from the country often rank highly in the most engaged with clubs in the world. In March last year Soccerex shared their ‘social media ‘Top Scores’ in which Flamengo, Corinthians and São Paulo all ranked in the top 25 globally.

Below are the statistics for the 6th – 12th January 2021 across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…and there has been a change in the name at the top once again.


With 6.04 million interactions, Palmeiras was the club that saw the most social media interactions across the three social media networks analyzed in the last week. The club reached an impressive 1.94M interactions on Facebook alone. That is 33% of all the total interactions of Brazilian clubs on the social network. The club was also the leader on Twitter (617K) in front of a surprising Vasco (610k).


We’re used to seeing the club at the top of this table, but Flamengo fans have seen a drop not only on the field but here too. The club’s performance went up 17.2% compared to the last two weeks, but Flamengo was 4th on Facebook – behind Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo. Whilst on Twitter it was 3rd and, for the first time, it was surpassed by a carioca rival: Vasco. (497k x 610k). The Rio club did manage to maintain its leadership on Instagram with a slight advantage and an improvement of 800k interactions over the previous week.


2nd on Twitter. 5th on Facebook and 6th on Instagram! This was Vasco’s best performance on each of the social media networks. Despite the team fighting at the bottom of the table in the Brasileirão, the club’s digital work has enabled the club to surpass its rivals Flamengo on Twitter. The club’s total performance this week (3.23 M of interactions) represents an increase of almost 50% compared to the numbers achieved in the last two weeks and this is the best it’s been since the ranking was created.


In the two weeks between December 23 and January 6, Santos had 4.49M total interactions. But in this last week alone they lept to 4.57M. Did they boost the wifi for Santos’ supporters or did they partner with a new internet company??


It was a good week for most clubs. Only São Paulo dropped from an average of 5M total interactions to 3.31M in this time period.

And the overwhelming defeat to Vasco led to Botafogo having their WORST performance on the January, 12th. The club had only 205 interactions at Twitter.


On Instagram, the highlight of the week was Flamengo with 1.25M of interactions on Wednesday, the day the club lost the derby to Fluminense. The design they made, calling on fans to watch the game, reached a total of 200k interactions. On Facebook the highlight of the week was for Palmeiras, also on Wednesday 6th, with 941k interactions.

The number was helped by the euphoria of their fans after victory in the first leg of their Libertadores semi final – winning 3-0 over River Plate. On Twitter, Vasco was the highlight of the week with 304k interactions. Their performance came thanks to the 3-0 win over Botafogo.


The clubs overall saw an increase of 27% in the total number of interactions compared with the average in the period between December 23 and January 5. That increase was led by Twitter with a 34% increase (total 3.95M), 29% on Facebook (5.87M) and 25% on Instagram (24.75M).


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