buying media for your sports brand

Media buying is making advertisement purchases on platforms online, which is popular among sports marketing and Sports Media Buying Agency. These platforms are Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, etc. 

Samba Digital is well aware that in the past few years, the media buying events and campaigns have evolved. It is the combination of internet user’s psychology, the right message at the right time and most importantly, target expertise through advertising platform algorithms.



Which Agency To Choose For Buying Media Space For My Sports Brand

Techniques, tools and strategies used by Sports Media Buying Agency are constantly evolving. Sports Media Buying Agency like Samba Digital have many years of experience, which resulted in less investment and more reach. This enables the marketing department to increase conversions and show their high ROI rate to the audience, clients and stakeholders.

After making a great fortune in media purchases for our clients, and more than 4 times the investment, our Sports Media Buying Agency has achieved greater heights with online sports clientele expertise.


some of Our Clients

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Manchester City
Olympique Lyonnais
tottenham hotspur
AS Monaco

How To Choose The Best Agency To Buy Media Space?

Before you engage with any Sports Media Buying Agency, it is important to know the agency. Samba Digital is a well-known sports media buying agency that is ready to help you. We help you in several ways, following some steps. These steps are:


● Identify the audience of the campaign – check whether your audience is your ideal customer. 


● Understand the behaviour of the audience – How and where do they spend most of their time? What are their purchasing habits? What are their life needs?


● Decide to quantify success – Will you judge the new clients based on their success? The total number of products sold? The overall reach and awareness of your brand and your website traffic?


● Creative and media alignment – It is recommended to adapt to the creative designs for various platforms. Things that work for billboards might not be accepted during digital campaigns.

Where To Buy Media Space?

There are many ways purchases can be made, and each one of them has separate practices. However, there are two ways where you can buy media space, and they are ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’.

●    Online

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have proven to hit the breaking news headlines and are developing premium and unique content. With millions of internet users and focused audiences, they offer laser-sharp access in niche markets.

●    Offline (Outdoor Advertising): Offline marketing or outdoor marketing is still a mode of brand awareness, with good creativity and selective call-to-action has the potential to create impressive results. Sports and campaign marketing is another media buying strategy.