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Real Madrid joins together with Adobe to create innovative digital fan experiences


Real Madrid, Spain’s soccer powerhouse, has partnered with Adobe! This club will collaborate with this software to provide new digital fan experiences as a result of this exciting partnership. This LaLiga team intends to use the new partnership to transform the league into a worldwide entertainment and lifestyle brand. Adobe Experience Cloud will be used by Real Madrid to interact with fans all around the world. This next level of football will include an interactive sports experience that will be available online and offline to achieve this exciting new goal.

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Los Blancos, another club that makes use of Adobe Experience Platform, has similar plans. This customer data platform from Adobe Experience Cloud will generate real-time integrated consumer profiles. As a result, the club can immediately discover when and how fans interact with their brand and channels to use. Real Madrid will also use Adobe Experience Cloud services to create, manage, and deliver highly customisable content to increase interaction.

Hopes for Real Madrid 

This unique agreement aims to provide a new level of fan engagement for Real Madrid. Not only that but to strengthen the bonds between the stadium and home supporters. As a result, this collective power has the ability to enhance global experiences and progress. As part of this new data-driven plan, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium will be available to a global audience. This international audience will have access to a vast network of online experiences, goods, and services. The idea is to turn the stadium into a virtual destination for the club’s 500 million supporters.

Real Madrid fans can now interact with the club in a more intimate way from the comfort of their own homes. In the future of this relationship, Adobe will be able to uncover personal advertising based on where fans are at any one time.

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Of course, Adobe hopes to assist Real Madrid in growing its company and attracting new customers. This beneficial boost will come in the form of omnichannel shopping, which will provide value to brand sponsors and partners by supporting them in developing new revenue streams. If fans have approved, brand partners of this well-known team can use segment-based profiles provided by the club to engage with customers in a more personal way. There will also be customised discounts and appropriate advertising.