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Press Release: Samba Digital releases Q3 Finances

Press Release: Samba Digital releases Q3 Finances

Oeiras, November 4 2022

Financial statements as of September 30th 2022, SAMBA DIGITAL SGPS S.A.

(non-audited accounts)

17th consecutive quarter of business growth and profit

1 – Main figures

At constant exchange rates, the growth from September 30th 2022 to September 30th 2021 showed the following:

– an improvement in turnover of 135%.

– a growth in operating income of 140%.

– net profit growth from June 30, 2022 to June 30 2021 of 130%.

At the end of September, the company was already close to achieving the annual objectives described in the Information Document submitted to Euronext, listed above in the column “Initial 2022 forecast”.

The company was incorporated last August with a capital of €23 million from the contribution of 100% of the shares of Samba Digital Inc (USA). Once the goodwill related to this contribution is removed, the company’s net equity amounts to €1.32M compared to €1K when the US company was created in May 2018.

The company has no bank debt and, although self-financing its developments, expects to have a cash position of more than €1M as of December 31, 2022

2 – Comments from CEO Frédéric Fausser

“The third quarter results confirm our strategic choices and our vision for the company’s development. We are currently working on the implementation of our new organizational strategy for 2023. We can confirm that our new “Talentisi” platform will be operational and online by early January. It will progressively replace the Sportstranslate and Sportinfluencers platforms and will be open to all sporting organizations around the world. It will be the world’s first online platform for the distribution of digital marketing services for the sports industry. Finally, building an international solution for the promotion of our clients’ Web 3.0 projects will also be a priority in 2023.”

Founded in 2018 in the United States, Samba Digital supports clubs and players in the sports and Igaming industry in their internationalisation strategy, developing their digital audiences around the world. The company is present on four continents: America (USA and LATAM), Europe, Africa and Asia. Samba Digital works with the biggest clubs and players in English football (Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea…), French football (Ligue 1, PSG, OM, OL, AS Monaco…), Italian football (Serie A, Juventus, Napoli…), and German football (Bundesliga, Eintracht, Bayern Munich…). The company has experience in many other sports. Clients also include the Orlando Magic in the NBA, the Ryder Cup, Formula 1, Roland Garros, the US Open, World Rugby, FIBA, etc. Based in Portugal, Samba Digital also owns Sports Translate and Sport Influencers, two platforms for the sports industry, with over 300 translators and 5,000 influencers worldwide. Sports Translate provides translation and adaptation of content in 50 languages and dialects, and offers subtitling and video dubbing services. Samba Digital SGPS, S.A. has been listed on the ACCESS compartment of EURONEXT Lisbon since 6 October 2022: code MLSMB – PTDGL0AM0003
Company contact: Frédéric Fausser +5534992250733 – frederic.fausser@sambadigital.com
Press agency: Margarida Fiùza +35919 673 199  margarida.fiuza@allcomunicacao.pt
THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT INTENDED FOR DISCLOSURE, PUBLICATION OR DISTRIBUTION, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, IN OR INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA OR OTHER JURISDICTIONS IN WHICH IT MAY NOT BE LAWFULLY COMMUNICATED. This announcement does not constitute or form part of an offer to subscribe for or sell shares. Its purpose is solely to inform of the admission to trading on the stock exchange. Investors should not base their decisions on this information but should, and may, rely on the information contained in the prospectus to be approved by Euronext Lisbon.