We started the mission with the objective of changing the tone of voice of World Rugby and World Rugby World Cup spanish channels. This is something that is not done easily when you work for a governing body as you must maintain an impartial and informative tone of voice. Another of the big tasks ahead of this project was to create more unique, localized engaging content. We looked to change the value proposition to our followers creating community building content.

For this mission we added a plethora of experience to the Samba & World Rugby team. Collectively the team has covered six Rugby World Cups, two Olympic games and many more top rugby tournament in South America and internationally. This team of experts has been imperative for the success of managing, running and creating content for these accounts.


How did we implement this strategy?

  • Unified look and feel of all accounts with Global channels
  • Increased publishing cadence without compromising output quality
  • Focused on CTA’s to increase engagement
  • On-site content capture
  • World Rugby Club and National team content calendar and strategy
  • Live tournament coverage for top World Rugby properties like the World Rugby Seven Series
  • Interaction with players, federations and clubs to create engaging content and build audience rapport and sentiment


In the first two months (July 1 – August 31, 2022) managing the accounts our team achieved the following results:

  • Spanish accounts have garnered 28.4M impressions representing 47% of multi language impressions for World Rugby international accounts
  • Spanish accounts obtained 24.3M views representing 65% of multi language views World Rugby international accounts
  • Spanish accounts had 1.2M engagements representing 47% of multi language engagements for World Rugby international accounts

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