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Ligue 1’s Strategic Campaign During the African Cup of Nations


The Ligue 1 Uber Eats (Ligue 1) launched a strategic campaign during the African Cup of Nations (CAN) to enhance its brand awareness and engage football fans across Africa. This initiative, managed by Samba Digital, aimed to leverage the tournament’s popularity and the presence of Ligue 1 players to connect more deeply with the African audience.

Running from January 10 to February 13, 2024, the campaign sought to foster a new and broader audience base by targeting African football fans and maximizing relevance and impact through its timing with the CAN tournament.

Samba Digital’s meticulously designed strategy focused on maximizing reach and engagement across multiple social media platforms, particularly Facebook, due to its extensive use in Africa. The content strategy included creating and publishing 100 pieces of content—96 photos/images and 4 videos—highlighting Ligue 1 players in the CAN. To boost engagement, the campaign featured contests with four organic posts and one paid post, resulting in eight winners. A carefully planned posting schedule ensured consistent engagement throughout the campaign.

The CAN campaign by Ligue 1, executed by Samba Digital, successfully elevated the league’s brand awareness and fan engagement across Africa. Through a strategic mix of targeted content, interactive elements, and innovative campaigns, Ligue 1 not only reached but exceeded its engagement goals. The positive feedback and significant growth in followers underscore the campaign’s success and provide valuable insights for future initiatives.


Key Metrics

The campaign achieved record engagement levels, significantly surpassing expectations. The CAN coverage resulted in more than double the engagement compared to the previous month, demonstrating the event’s crucial role in community engagement.

– Organic Reach: 13.7M

– Boosted Posts: 13

– Total Impressions: 21M

– Engagements: 3.9M

– Paid Reach: 2.9M

Strategic Observations

– High Engagement from Specific Countries:

The Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) showed exceptional engagement, followed by Côte d’Ivoire, Angola, Cameroon, and Senegal, underscoring the success of targeted campaigns.

– Interactive Content:

The use of interactive content fostered enriching dialogues and strengthened community engagement.


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