Futbol met Soccer in Los Angeles, where Chivas, Chicharito’s Galaxy, Carlos Vela and Memo Ochoa  were praised by more than 71 thousand souls. It was clear that soccer balls beat pigskin. This was just the beginning of the Showcase. Chicharito and Memo Ochoa created fuzz through social media exchanging admiration words, but then Chiellini praised tacos and extended his love for them with a fan. Samba Digital caught moments and made them viral, stepping up our content game and delivering an outstanding social media conversation and elevating the Spanglish version of the tournament.

In Nashville the color was definitely yellow all across the stadium, not sure if the yellow was because of the local team or Club America, but in this country music, the lights were focused and chants were humming throughout the stadium LAYUN.


Chiellini Video with over 105,000 Impressions on Twitter, the tweet was picked up by B/R Football, ESPN and others.

Ochoa and Chicharito clip had over 108,000 Impressions, 26,000 views and 12,000 engagements and was picked by different social media outlets

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Influencers strategy

INFLUENCED by Leagues Cup, this tournament is one of the few properties where their target audience are 2 languages, mainly 2 countries and 2 different ways of communication. Samba Digital select and manage a team of influencers  during this event. They delivered their content as bilingual, one of our greatest examples was  “werevertumorro”.


The results of that night were incredible, please take a look at the numbers only for that night:

  • Impressions: 3.38m
  • Interactions: 248,334 k
  • Video Views: 3.31m

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