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Brasileiro Serie A clubs join viral #Yadinho trend, causing interactions to skyrocket


This week began with Samba Digital discovering that the monthly average of Twitter interactions among the 20 Brazilian clubs is an astounding 5 million per month. This is not only a great accomplishment, but it also guarantees a daily average of 166 thousand interactions.

However, the success among these Brazilian clubs is far from over, as their interactions continue to grow. The hashtag #Yadinho recently went viral, resulting in an overwhelming 826,000 daily interactions across all 20 clubs in Brazil’s first division.

This viral trend, known as #Yadinho, is not only gaining traction, but it has also become the most interacted with post within 16 of Serie A’s 20 clubs. Flamengo, Palmeiras, Santos, Fluminense, Grêmio, Internacional, Fortaleza, Bahia, Chapecoense, América-MG, Ceará, Bragantino, Atlético -GO, Cuiabá, and Juventude are among the 16 clubs.

These are not the only clubs taking advantage of #Yadinho. Meanwhile, many European clubs have followed suit to better their performance. One of these clubs is the well-known PSG (@PSGBrasil) who received an impressive 10,000 interactions after following this trend. PSG may have a close rivalry as Tottenham Hotspur’s (Spurs_PT) also gained 10,000 interactions. The success of this trend can also be seen in Lyon’s Portuguese profile, which has over 11,000 interactions. Liverpool (@LFCBrasil), Everton (@Everton PT), Napoli (@sscnapoli_br) and Juventus (@JuventusFCpt) are also among the many clubs with great numbers. Even NBA team Orlando Magic got involved. Not only that, but in the original Brazilian digital media universe, several more accounts have seen their popularity skyrocket.

Not only did it become a trending topic in Brazil but it was everywhere on Twitch, the universe where #Ladinho originate from.

But, what is #Yadinho?

Lindinho, a streamer who rose to fame after appearing on Alexandre “Gaules” broadcasts, and Ingrid Larissa, also known on the networks as Yayah, formed a duo that captured the hearts of social media users all over the world after starring in a broadcast. #Yadinho was trending on social media, with flags symbolizing autism and Lindinho’s personal triumph.

See the #Yadinho Brazilian Ranking on Twitter:

Flamengo – 23 thousand

Corinthians – 21 thousand

Santos – 19 thousand

Sao Paulo – 18 thousand

Palmeiras – 17 thousand

International – 14 thousand

Fluminense – 12.2 thousand

Grêmio – 12 thousand

Atlético-MG – 9 thousand

Fortaleza – 6 thousand

Chapecoense – 5.6 thousand

América-MG – 4.3 thousand

Sport – 4 thousand

Bahia – 3.4 thousand

Juventude – 3 thousand

Atlético-GO – 2.5 thousand

Cuiabá – 2.1 thousand

Bragantino – 1.8 thousand

Ceará – 1.7 thousand

Athletico-PR – 1.4 thousand


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