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Australian Open to bring Tennis NFTs with real-time match data


The Australian Open has made headlines by introducing its own NFTs, which will allow tennis fans to dive into the realm of digital collectibles. These aren’t just any NFTs; they’ll automatically update using metadata gathered from the season’s first Grand Slam.

This competition collaborated with Decentraland, Run It Wild, and Metakey to create an astonishing 6,776 ‘art balls’. These bright collectibles will be made from an algorithmic combination of various colours, patterns, and textures. This is not all; an extra 22 ‘AO Legend’ and 169 ‘Artist Series’ balls will contain one-of-a-kind designs created by heritage and NFT artists.

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Each NFT displays a 19cm by 19cm layout of a tennis court surface that is randomly assigned. The relevant NFT will update in real-time with match and ball tracking data whenever a winning shot lands in that area during any match at the 2022 Australian Open.

There’s more to come! There are also awards that are fungible. If any of the 11 championship points fall on a certain plot, the lucky NFT owner will receive the tennis ball used in the exhibition case as well as a certificate of authenticity. Furthermore, art ball owners will be able to obtain limited edition wearables, products, and other advantages in the future. According to rumours, all parties involved have stated that they intend to offset the carbon emissions caused by the NFTs.

The first Grand Slam

The Australian Open, the year’s first Grand Slam, is also a watershed moment because it introduces a metaverse experience on Decentraland’s platform. Fans will be able to explore a digital recreation of Melbourne’s Australian Open grounds. Not only that, but through this platform, fans can interact with players and other fans.

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The Australian Open and Tennis Australia’s goal of using digital technologies to engage fans and grow inspired the creation of both ideas. Tennis Australia has even invested in a number of tech companies and stated last year that it was looking into commercial opportunities involving NFTs and cryptocurrencies.