With the increased Monetization Practices Esport strategies, those days are gone when eSports were seen just as a hobby. It is not a surprise that eSports is exponentially growing with many possibilities of revenue development and expanding streams.

However, eSports still lacks the popularity of many traditional sports like football, badminton, basketball, etc., and people struggle to understand the proper Monetization Practices Esport. We at Samba Digital are here to help you achieve the potential revenue of your business.

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Best Monetization Practices For Your Esport Brand

The dynamic competition requires dynamic monetization solutions. That is a phenomenon in the eSports market, as the eSports industry offers several monetization strategies. 

That further accentuates the innovation and versatility of eSports along with the open-minded organizational environment. Esports is such a big, versatile, and dynamic market that it would put the name to shame if focusing on a single eSports revenue. Therefore, there are some ways that Samba Digital chooses to bring you the best Monetization Practices For Your Esport Brand. Keep reading the article to know more.

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How To Monetize My Esports Brand

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Esports organizations are at a whole new level. The eSports industry has been exploding in the past few years, with game developers and publishers getting a fortune. 

Now they must keep finding new ways to market new products and make them more profitable. We at Samba Digital understand that it all starts with finding the right moment and the right team so you can have the best ideas. It’s also important to know who o monetize your brand. Let’s see the ways to Monetize your eSports brand.

  •   Sponsorships

We have already discussed how large of a source the eSports industry is for revenue generation. All of that attracts sponsorships, and these sponsorships create awareness about the event in a beneficial way and carry it forward to a higher level.

  •   Broadcasting Rights

This is another revenue generation option for the eSports businesses and is the fastest means of stream revenue growth. The main takeaway between traditional sports broadcasting and eSports broadcasting is that eSports is more interactive.

  •   Selling Merchandise

Selling eSports merchandise is not any different from traditional sports clothes. From t-shirts, hoodies, hats, posters, mugs to gaming accessories, authentic game skins, etc. 

How Much Money Can You Make From Esports?

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Most of the money generated from eSports is through sponsorships. The global eSports revenue is estimated to cross the $1 billion mark by the end of 2021. That is 15.7% more than last year, which was around $950 million.

Like any other traditional sport, many big organizations hold eSports leagues and tournaments, and the prize pool is set high. For example, recently DOTA 2 international tournament had a prize pool of $34.3 million which was the biggest tournament in history.

Professional eSports players spend hours honing their skills and run streams while playing. This way, the viewers are constantly provided tons of content on popular streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. 

So you can say that eSports holds a future for budding streamers and gaming enthusiasts.

Is Esports Worth Investing?

Esports is a promising and fascinating industry that is gaining popularity throughout the world. Millions of enthusiasts are engaged in watching people play, and the players reach high numbers of followers and subscribers.

Concentrating on the game and entertaining their fans is not an easy task. They must multitask simultaneously, and therefore they receive lots of followers and love from their fans for working so hard day and night.

Thus, we can say that this market has potential due to this growth and exposure. If you start investing in eSports, choosing the right brand and the right way to do it, we’re sure you’ll get great results.