We at Samba Digital help you launch localized campaigns for your Esport brand, targeting local and international audiences. More than that, we also use several technologies and software that shows important market and audiences’ information that will help you with your campaigns.


Launch A Localized Campaign For Your Esport Brand

Esports is a vast industry where many companies are trying to dip their toes in to gain space. Only a professional with experience in Esport Localized Campaign understand its importance.

The Esports industry is growing all over the world, especially among young people. Seeing this industry uprising, many potential Esports brands are trying to reach those young audiences. Samba Digital is a sports PR agency brand that helps you get the right audience and communicate with them.

As the Esports market is maturing, Samba Digital has developed many different strategies for your company’s branding and promotion. With our experience in the market, we know how to build relationships with the teams and players to increase the chances of long-lasting

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Why Launch A Localized Campaign To Boost Your Esports Brand?


Esports is a popular entertainment among GenZ and Millennials. In the past few years, Esports has gained more popularity and respect than several other lucrative industries. 

Here are few ways to boost your Esports brand: 

●    Sponsorships

By doing a localized campaign, it becomes easier for a brand to get the attention of many reputable Esports sponsorships and get featured in the in-game ads, social media posts, and advertising media channels. We at Samba Digital help many companies reach the global audience, find sponsorships, and diversify their market in the Esports industry.

●    Influencer Marketing

Partnering with professional Esports players can help you create unique content and marketing experiences for your audience. This strategy allows the fans to engage with the influencers while your brand gets visibility.

●    Host Tournaments

One of the best ways to engage with the local audience is by hosting multiple Esports tournaments and LAN events. These tournaments are attractive to the younger generation and open up new opportunities for big brands to partner with other sponsors.

Samba Experts At Your Service


The global revenue generated by the Esports Industry since 2019 has reached the USD 1 billion mark with over 454 million Esports viewers and enthusiasts. 

Sponsor tournaments, participate in sports campaigns and endorse brands are some of the tools you have to boost your presence. That’s why we recognize the Esport Localized Campaign value. 

We are experts at:

●    Local Market Expertise

There are three rules of marketing – ‘location, location and location’. In the end, what matters is to create a place where all communities can come together and have fun. Samba Digital recruit experts from all over the world. Like that, they understand each community and know the trends, having everything they need to prove to you the best solutions for your audience. 

●    10 Year Experience

All members in Samba Digital have over 10 years of experience with Esports Localized Campaigns. Some of them worked in the Esports industry and understands the environment of the market.

●    Out of The Box Thinking And Creative Strategies

We at Samba Digital have unique strategies that help you connect with the Esports audience faster and effectively. We help you get many Esports sponsorships, participate in campaigns and tournaments and represent your brand in the arena.