The popularity of esports is growing day by day. Due to this, the responsibility of the Esport Content Deal Management team increases. This team must create content that gets more impact.

Here is how the Esport Content Deal Management team helps the industry to grow explosively and help to create unique content to engage your audience.


Best Content Deal Management of eSport Companies

The eSport video game industry crossed the one billion revenue mark for the first time in 2020. With over one million mobile games in the market, an average gamer spends around seven hours playing games every week. Around 34% spend more than 7 hours per week, and 20% spend more than 10 hours every week.

It is also speculated that eSports would be included in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Therefore, we can say that the Best Content Deal Management of eSports Companies it’s crucial. 

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What Is Content Deal Management For eSports Companies?


Building a Content Deal Management For eSports Companies should not be a struggle. The following tactics used by the Samba Digital Esport Content Deal Management team will help you to understand how can we help you to stand out from the rest.

  •   Localize

When we are talking about eSports, making localized content is the most important factor. It is the process of content creation and translation for a particular area where the audience can understand them, and it must be culturally relevant, relatable, and sensitive.

  •   Standardization

Replacing or adopting certain expressions so that you can get to people around the world. Changing the formats like time and currency according to the geographical location, localizing historical or cultural references.

  •   Complexity

Using music and audio clips that are known in each country to make it culturally relevant. Editing unsuitable scenes, adjusting the censorship rules, and redesigning the characters to get the right look.

Why Should You Rely On An Expert To Draft Your Deals?


Playing and watching eSports has become common these days. Those days are gone when you just had to rely on the video game launch date to gather the most attention of the audience to continue building the community.

We at Samba Digital understand that the eSport players are no longer hidden from the outside world and need a proper Esport Content Deal Management team. We help to create a community around games that will take more time and commitment if they do it by themselves.

But now, you also need to Rely On An Expert To Draft Your Deals. It is necessary to get help from an Esport Content Deal Management team to stand out from the crowd, and Samba Digital is one of those. Here are the reasons why.

  •   Full Team of Experienced Professionals

We at Samba Digital know that the eSports industry is explosively booming, so we bring the content to the customer’s service. With the help of a team of experienced professionals, we can help you create, optimize and release content everywhere.

  •   Localized Content To Back You Up

Localized content helps to engage the audience during gameplay. Samba Digital research shows that the ads that are native to the area are 60% more engaging than the irrelevant content and non-native ads.

  •   Excellent Knowledge of Your Market

Samba digital’s excellent knowledge of your market allows eSports brands to get known and get more profits.