Animation And Motion Design For your sports brand

When we talk about Sports Animation And Motion Design, few things come to our mind. Sports graphics, 3D animated loops on local news, and add commercials. It is hard not to dip your toes into it, but there is a greater world behind those 16:9 screens. And Samba Digital is here to explain all that to you. So today, we will look at some of the Sports Animation And Motion Design services that we commonly use and explain how we create them.


Motion Design And Animation Designers At Your Service

Sports Animation And Motion Design require lots of research and hard work. Samba Digital team takes care of that with affordable prices and great results. We stay within the budget while we do artistic and personalised videos.

Years of experience in Sports Animations And Motion Design for several sports gave us a unique perspective on the market. 

some of Our Clients

PSG Logo
Olympique Lyonnais
tottenham hotspur
AS Monaco

Choose An Expert To Create An Animation Or Motion Design For Your Brand

Whether it’s goals animations, sponsor game animations, team intros, player and game statistics, or any other video you need, we at Samba Digital can create with a lot of creativity.

We have different tools and techniques, like storyboard, rigging, modelling, rendering and surfacing, to give you the best videos. We work in every part of the creation, from concept development to animation setup and technical direction. 

3 Reasons To Go For Animation Or Motion Design

Sports Animation And Motion Design can help you give information but, it ain’t something easy to do. If you choose Samba Digital, you won’t have to go through all the trouble and will be assisted all the time by our team. They are ready to do your video, and they are always available for you.

Here are 3 reasons why you should go for animation or motion design for your business:

  •   Guide and Inspire Your Audience:

Animation and Motion videos can help your brand pass information through a different way. You’ll get off the “normal” and will be doing something new and different, made exclusive for your brand.

  •   Quick And Visual Presentation Of Your Brands Story:

People don’t have much patience to see long videos anymore. Because of that, you have to present your brand quickly and creatively: video animation or motion videos are a great way to do it.

  •   Easily Shareable Content:

Contents that are fun, different and creative have much more chance to be shared on social media.