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We represent many leagues, devices and equipment competitions in Brazil. We help to bring a proper understanding of the Esports industry to the public, in order to gain the attention of companies who are eager to get more exposure over their games, introduce new products, secure partnerships and build their league.

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Influence, engage and build relationships thanks to your PR eSports Agency in Brazil

As a PR Agency Esports in Brazil, it’s very important to influence, engage and build relationships among the players and viewers. Thanks to our team at Samba Digital who have worked on many online tournaments and LAN events, we educate brands on the industry and manage their expectations. The esports community is very notorious for the trends and online trolls, so we help to gain the trust of the audience and spread brand awareness.

We at Samba Digital include influencer relations, product launches, media relations, executive visibility programs, new expansion of marketing campaigns, content creations, media campaigns and speaking engagements.

The Impressive Techniques Of Catching The Public's Eyes And Ears

Athletes today are influenced by the media’s popularity and work under the shadows of the press, fans, and the general public. This is why it is very important to get the best PR Esports Agency in Brazil. Samba Digital works to build, strategize and maximize the athlete’s potential and image, which allows the player to entirely focus on perfecting their skills and their specific craft.

We at Samba Digital know that attention spans don’t remain for too long. News travels very fast, but the main focus is the delivery to the public. Here are some impressive techniques of catching the public’s eyes and ears that our Samba Digital team members follow:

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some of Our Clients

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Why Can A PR Esports Agency Be a Game Changer For Your Brand?

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Samba Digital believes in building brands in the niche industry, i.e. Esports sector. We are moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing, we thrive on opportunities for Esports marketing and public relations.

The Esports industry has taken a unique turning point. Even if there are many passionate fan bases of Esports across the world, the general public is still unaware of its existence. It is the embodiment of the next generation of sports, technology, global engagement and fandom.

Choosing the right PR Esports Agency in Brazil plays a vital role to build your brand, and here are some tips by Samba Digital which could be a game-changer for you

Extensive LATAM Network – Samba Digital has been responsible for many LATAM communication programmes that include major game developing companies and publishers. We help to promote the interaction between different agencies and companies which connect their brand to influencers, gamers and journalists.

Ten Year Experience And Know How – we at Samba Digital help to bridge the gap between the professional Esports players and the general public. We have started early in this industry and have been successful in gaining the trust, knowledge, fundamentals, analogies and audience understandings.

When Having A Network Matters?

As already discussed before, Esports has gained popularity and recognition in the community since last year. As awareness is rising, so is the need for PR Agency Esports Brazil. Our Esports professionals at Samba Digital use their unique and creative skills to bring this side of the industry into the mainstream media.

However, many people think that gaming is not a career, it’s a hobby but that is not true. There are many YouTubers and Esports players across the world who make a living out of the Esports industry because they have a huge network.

More and more sports brands are looking for sponsorship deals with those Esports players, competitions and leagues and advertising on Discord, Twitch and Steam. Here are some reasons when having a network matters :

Selling Your Merchandise – Esports has become a revenue-generating platform for many reasons, and some of them are Twitch, YouTube, Facebook live, etc. We at Samba Digital help you to grow a network where you can sell your merchandise to your viewers and generate income.

Become An Influencer – we at Samba Digital not only help you to spread your brand name in the community but also support you to become an influencer with the best practices. One of the most effective ways to generate the positive engagement that all the PR Agency Esports Brazil are looking for is to sell your merchandise or spread awareness, and we at Samba Digital are primarily focused on it.

Build Fanbase On – our PR Agency Esports Brazil as a brand helps you to build fans and stream content on various social sites like Twitch, Discord, YouTube, etc. Once the research has been done and you have started streaming on the best sites, we will help you to build quality content for promotion and join the conversation.