Public Relations Agency in Brazil

As PR professionals or a PR agency, we are always trying to create visibility for our customers, in today’s market where the recognition of the customer is fleeting as well as at a surcharge. Moreover, it may be very tough to give an answer to a client, and we provide them with the clarity they desire.

How we manage PR in Brazil

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We Research the target market

Researching buyer personas and target markets is an essential part of public relations. We consider your audience as a basic priority when it comes to a new client. PR agency Brazil accompanies you in all stages of the management of your event. In addition, we can also solidify your presence on social media during your events.

We generate targeted press lists.

Our well-trained and experienced PR professionals will analyze the proper trade and top-tier or local publications for targeted press lists. This will help us to reach the potential and correct audience. It all depends on the services, vision, and product that you want to pitch. You will save a lot of time as now you don’t need to create a press list.

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We create fascinating pitches

PR agency Brazil can create a fascinating proposal consisting of your idea and story – the story you want to be in everybody’s mind. These pitches are generally created according to political trends, new products/services, and seasonal trends. We have the best PR professionals who create a persuasive and unique story to engage the target audience, who write according to your business and product.

Our strategy for Brasilian market

Nowadays, pitches are usually sent through email to targeted press lists. Moreover, this feature of PR consists of media relation that refers to the fourth communication with media and journalists. Creating positive and best press is the ultimate goal to conduct outreach. We maintain and secure your relationship with members of the media.

You don’t need to worry about anything because we, as PR agency Brazil, are responsible for coordinating sourcing quotes, interviews, sending the product as well as answering any questions the media ask. After establishing strong connections, we develop a great reputation with the media group.

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We manage and coordinate trade show opportunities

We are here to help you in identifying the latest trade show opportunities. We set up interviews at trade show booths, protecting speaking engagements. PR agency Brazil basically manages all the media-related information.

We manage all features of influencer relations

Influencer marketing follows the same route as media relations as it includes devising creative pitches, outreach, and targeted lists. Influencer relations mainly targets influencers from social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. It helps in gaining new customers, driving sales as well as enhancing brand awareness.

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Why PR agency Brazil?

If you are looking for a PR agency in Brazil to support your brand strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Contact our team at Samba Digital today to see how our marketing services can help take your business to the next level.